10 Very Unique Scholarships to Share with Your Students


High school counselors are depended on to find creative ways to fund students’ higher education. So who picks up the slack when students get to college and realize there’s a gap between the money they have and the money they need for college?

Certainly students can look for their own scholarships. Your student could have a talent, hobby or characteristic that he or she doesn’t even know could be worth scholarship money. That’s where you may come in. It feels good to be that financial aid officer who can pull out a list of scholarships and thumb through it to find those applicable to the student sitting across the desk.

And we’re here to help. Even if you’ve been in the industry for years, we’re confident at least one of the following scholarships or types of aid will be new to you. Have fun sharing these strange (but legitimate) scholarships with your students.

Cymbal Players

The Kerope Zildjian Scholarship is for students currently enrolled in an undergraduate music program. The student wins complimentary cymbals,which he or she gets to personally pick out on a trip to the Zildjian factor in Norwell, Massachusetts, and a  tuition award of $5000.

Simply direct your cymbal-playing students to this site.


Many students make the mistake of assuming that scholarships are handed out only on earned merits – good greats, skill in sports, championship chess playing, etc. But some scholarships have much more innate qualifications, like Juniata College’s scholarship left-handed scholarship. It is awarded each year to a left handed sophomore, junior or senior.

This brings to mind another misconception students have about scholarships – that they are only for first-year students. Be sure you tell all students that they can apply for scholarships throughout their college careers; don’t assume they already know this.

Golf Caddies

The Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship awards golf caddies with full tuition and housing. This remarkable fund is renewable for up to four years. This scholarship is based both on need and merit.

Fire Sprinkler Enthusiasts

The American Fire Sprinkler Association offers a scholarship to anyone who has graduated high school and wishes to pursue a college degree or trade school education. To apply for this $1000 scholarship, applicants must write an essay on automatic fire sprinklers.

Film Preservationists

This scholarship, offered by The Association of Moving Image Archivists, is awarded to students who are committed to the preservation of moving images. Along with a scholarship, the student may be eligible for an internship.

Artsy Students

Does your student have an artistic flair? Is he or she a designer at heart or an avid scrapbooker? The Gallery Collection offers an annual scholarship to the applicant who submits the best photo, artwork or computer graphic for the front of a greeting card. Learn more here.

Future Copyrighters

The Music Publishers Association offers a scholarship to help increase copyright awareness. Applicants must submit a written essay, audio or video recording or pictoral complication explaining why they believe copyright is important. More information is available here.

Budding Horticulturists (Pun Intended)

This scholarship, awarded by the Central Florida Orchid Society, is for students who intend to pursue careers in Horticulture and/or Agriculture and Life Sciences. Students must enroll in one of eight degree programs to be eligible.

Costume Designers

We had to put this one in here for soon-to-be graduate students. The Marian A. Smith Scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing a graduate degree in costume design and/or technology. If you have a junior or senior who is looking to pursue such a degree, point them toward this scholarship to help with graduate school costs.

Height-endowed Students

Though this is only for Phoenix, Arizona residents, we had to include this for its oddity. The Central Arizona Tall Society (CATS) gives a $250 scholarship to tall students. Women must be at least 5’10” and men must be 6’2” or taller. This is not a tall tale, or is it?


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