16 … 28 … 33 … that’s how CampusLogic rolls when it comes to implementation

By Chrisy Woll


Going live quickly and easily is important to us at CampusLogic. We know Financial Aid offices are busy beyond belief, and FinAid teams don’t have time to slow down for tech-heavy, process-laden implementations. We’re thrilled to share that Washtenaw Community College, Monmouth University, and University of Delaware can now offer mobile, personalized financial aid to all incoming students!

Implementation details

One of our Customer Success goals is to have every customer up and running quickly and with minimal effort. Our proven path to implementation success, a four-step process that covers kick-off, strategy, coaching, and go-live prep, certainly helps. So does our great team who shares a passion for making financial aid awesome for schools. We’re thrilled to report that these schools are now live:

Washtenaw Community College – Go Live in 16 days.

  • Founded in 1965
  • Located in Ann Arbor Township, Michigan
  • Student Information System: Banner
  • Enrollment: 12,000+

Jennifer Hannon
“Lori and her team have amazing energy and drive. The school was able to Go Live in 16 days because the staff was enthusiastic and well organized,” says Jennifer Hannon, Customer Success Manager.

Monmouth University – Go Live in 28 days.

  • Founded in 1933
  • Located in West Long Branch, New Jersey
  • Student Information System: Colleague
  • Enrollment: 7,000+

Kristi.Punches“Claire and her team were so much fun. Right away, they called me on my pronunciation of Monmouth and I blamed it on their not understanding Texan. From that point forward, every conversation had a jovial, fun tone, which made their implementation seamless because we had established trust based on fun,” says Kristi Punches, Customer Success Manager.

University of Delaware – Go Live in 33 days.

  • Founded in 1743 as a small private academy
  • Located in Newark, Delaware
  • Student Information System: PeopleSoft
  • Enrollment: 23,000+

Kristi.Punches“UDEL kept me on my toes. Every call had questions that made me think. It helped me to be a better CSM, anticipating their needs and answering their questions. Once again, in a different way, we established trust and their implementation went smoothly,” says Kristi Punches, Customer Success Manager.

It’s a team thing

I’m a firm believer that Customer Success is a company-wide thing. One of my favorite quotes by Tom Krackeler, co-founder at Front Leaf, is “Make sure that every single employee in your company, from the front line to the corner office, knows precisely what value your customers are seeking and how he or she can impact it.”

These implementation success stories wouldn’t have been possible without time and effort from the entire CampusLogic family. Our engineering team works in lock-step with us on integrations, and help make Single-Sign-On easier than I ever thought possible. Our Regional Directors also stay involved during the whole process because they are committed to their customers’ success.

Go Live: The best two words on the planet.

Check out CampusLogic’s Implementation Path >

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