2015 CampusLogic Year in Review


2015 was quite the year for CampusLogic (hint: that was an understatement). We were so busy adding brick after brick that we didn’t step back until now to see that we’ve built a castle. This blog is our castle viewing, and we invite you to join us as we marvel at the strides and successes of our customers and the CampusLogic team.

CampusLogic Customers Rock!
In 2015, 40 schools signed up with CampusLogic to deliver modern, mobile, highly-personalized financial aid to their students. We gleefully announced the first schools to implement StudentVerification in January; three more followed suit shortly thereafter.

After reducing financial aid verification costs by half using CampusLogic’s StudentVerification product, Fullerton College signed up in May for AwardLetter, a dynamic and digital award letter platform that increases enrollment. Our longtime customer and advocate, Fullerton College actively surveys students, scrutinizes processes and reviews their financial aid system as a whole to find ways to improve the student experience and boost enrollment. Their high-tech, streamlined office deserves a gold star!

In June, 10 more schools joined CampusLogic’s platform, StudentVerification. Later, Weber State University implemented CampusLogic’s cloud-based software to optimize institutional efficiencies, increase enrollment and improve the student experience. “One of the key reasons we chose to automate financial aid was to support our Dream Weber Program which provides free tuition to students whose annual household income is $40,000 or less. The easier we make the financial aid process, the faster we can confirm applicants for the Dream Weber Program and make their dream of attending Weber State University a reality,” said Jed Spencer, Financial Aid & Scholarships Director at Weber State University.

We enjoyed time in the spotlight last year as the recipient of several awards and recognitions. We kicked off the year in January by being named to CIOReview Magazine’s 20 Most Promising Campus Technology Solution Providers list. It was an honor to be listed among startups innovating technology across higher education.

In March, CampusLogic won VentureMadness, a bracket-style competition that pitted 64 Southwestern startups against each other and saw our CEO Gregg Scoresby pitch CampusLogic to the judges and take questions from a packed room.

The second quarter of 2015 was just as generous to CampusLogic, as we won the Spring 2015 Arizona Innovation Challenge, an honor that came with a $250,000 grant.

In November, CampusLogic was named the “2015 Ed Tech Innovator of the Year” and one of the “50 Most Promising Ed Tech Solution Providers of 2015” by CIOReview Magazine. The awards highlighted our innovation in education technology and our mission to transform the way colleges and universities deliver financial aid with modern, mobile, paper-free software.

Growth Capital
In July, CampusLogic announced the completion of a $4.1 million convertible note financing including investments from notable education investors, software company founders and Arizona angel investors.

By October, CampusLogic had completed a $7.5 million round of venture capital financing led by Continental Investors, a Chicago-based private investment company with deep experience in financial technology.

Expanded Product Offerings
2015 was a year of extraordinary growth for CampusLogic. We expanded our product line as well as the features of our current products.

We kicked off the year by launching a product upgrade that drastically reduced financial aid processing time and sped up student response time: SMS notifications.

In an effort to help schools combat student aid fraud, CampusLogic added an IP-reporting feature to give schools tools to find potential abusers.

We extended the StudentVerification platform to enable schools to manage their SAP (satisfactory academic progress) appeals process through the cloud-based, paperless system.

On the heels of the IRS data breach, CampusLogic reassured customers by adding a two-step authentication system – a process the IRS could have implemented to prevent their breach. “Protecting student data is a big concern for us and for the schools that use our platform,” said Chris Chumley, CampusLogic COO.

In July, CampusLogic announced a partnership with FATV, supplier of award-winning, online video solutions for college financial aid offices. “FATV has some of the most compelling and easy-to-understand financial aid online video, and we believe this partnership presents a massive opportunity to our customers,” said Gregg Scoresby, CampusLogic CEO and founder.

In September, financial aid offices across the nation acquired the ability to go entirely paperless – thanks to CampusLogic. StudentForms, which automates any financial aid form making it digital, mobile and self-service, combined with CampusLogic’s automated FAFSA verification product, StudentVerification, truly revolutionized the financial aid process in the U.S.

Growth. Transition. Excitement. Focus. These are a few words that summarize 2015 for the CampusLogic team. We are eager to share 2016 with our valuable customers and partners!

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