5 EdTech Vendors Topping CIO of Utah State University’s List

In this four-part series, CampusLogic CEO Gregg Scoresby and Utah State University CIO Eric Hawley continue their discussion about tech in higher education, from a CIO’s perspective. Hawley explains USU’s early adopter mentality, gives insights on how IT departments work to partner with business units, offers tips for technology vendors, and shares his top 5 vendors. Read on for part four: the 5 EdTech vendors you should check out.

Gregg: You live and breathe technology, legacy systems, proprietary, SISs, ERPs, SaaS … let’s share some of your knowledge with other higher education institutions. Who are the top five EdTech vendors on your list right now?

Eric: Right now, my top five are box, ServiceNow, Canvas, Panopto and CampusLogic, not in any particular order.

boxbox – Makes it easy to manage and share files and content across your business.

Box is the ultimate joining of consumerization and enterprise. They have all the consumerization features, but still allow high levels of institutional security and oversight. When an employee leaves a company, the data won’t leave with them. And who can’t cheer for unlimited storage?

servicenowServiceNow – Changing the way people work.

While we started here with traditional trouble ticket and basic service management, the rapid workflow development and knowledge management components that help us shift processes from paper to more robust and automated electronic flows really changed our game. ServiceNow made us more efficient without the overhead of ground-up custom software development. We are able to turn out integrated and automated solutions in hours to weeks, not months.

canvasCanvas – Online course and learning management solution. One platform for all of your mobile forms and work processes.

This software is a perfect example of ground-up ‘Innovators Dilemma’ disruption.  A perfect example of someone coming in completely new, fresh, from the ground up and reinventing the student and faculty experience in online course systems.

panoptoPanopto – Presenting: You. The easy-to-use video platform for training, teaching, and presenting.

I love technology that immediately changes how students learn. This software was super easy to install and integrates transparently with the Canvas online learning system to provide a platform for the ‘flipped classroom.’ When I teach, this software changes the note-taking process for students and allows them to access what I have taught automatically and in an AI-organized way for review and study. Students can engage more in class, knowing that everything is available for study and review, first-hand, in an organized and automated fashion, independent of time or place.

campuslogicCampusLogic – Make financial aid awesome. Easy, mobile, personalized financial aid.

Last, but not least, I love this kind of focused SaaS self-service software. Software that knows the niche of student aid and processes deeply and thoroughly. This company keeps up-to-date on the regulatory and process issues and cuts through the red tape and complexity. Providing simple, quick, self-service-oriented systems that students and our staff love in this kind of regulatory environment is quite an accomplishment. I consider CampusLogic another ground-up focused innovator and disruptor. No generalist in the software world could have achieved this.


Gregg:  Any final thoughts for folks interested in EdTech solutions who might be on the fence because of fear of change?

Eric:  Absolutely. It’s like I said in an earlier blog: Don’t let fear take hold first. Let form and function take hold. When you take a car for a test drive, you know what you expected it to do.  Did that happen? Think of technology solutions the same. Did the test drive do what you wanted?  If yes, what’s holding you back? If no, why are you still considering it?

Gregg: Awesome, thanks for your time Eric. It’s been fun. And honestly, I’m kind of hungry now. Must be all this talk of tandoori chicken, gas station sushi, and more.

Eric: Ha, well next time we meet, lunch is on you.

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