50 Financial Aid Office Hacks


Even if your financial aid office is running smoothly, there is always room for improvement – productivity could increase, students could receive better service, you could reach more students who need financial aid, etc. We know the best financial aid directors are always striving to improve, so we compiled 50 hacks for your financial aid office. Click any of the headlines below to dive into a list.

4 Tech Tips to Elevate Financial Aid Office Efficiency

Find out what tech will turn your financial aid office into an efficient, streamlined operation and save your department time, money and headache.

6 Ways to Rev Up Your School’s FAFSA Filing Rate

Here are six tactics proven to increase the number of students who file FAFSA and attend your school. Vroom vroom!

5 Steps to Improve Your FAFSA Verification Process

Speeding up your FAFSA verification process saves your department overhead, your students time and yourself the headache. Follow these 5 steps to streamline your FAFSA verification process.

7 Productivity Power Ups for the Financial Aid Office

CampusLogic compiled these 7 tools to save financial aid professionals’ most precious asset: Time.

5 Easy Ways to Survive Difficult Conversations with Students

Send students from your office smiling. Tough financial aid conversations don’t have to feel damaging or impossible with these five handy tips.

4 Ways to Keep Your Financial Aid Counselors Happy

This one is for financial aid directorsYour support ensures your financial aid counselors’ best support of students. Here’s what you can do to set your financial aid counselors up for success.

5 Ways to Make Your Director Look Like a Hero

This one is for financial aid counselors. Making your financial aid director look good not only strengthens workplace morale, it makes your office more successful, and increases your job security.

9 Must-have Resources for Your College Financial Aid Website

A college or university’s website should contain useful resources that would help an applicant find all the information she needs on paying for college.

5 Sites Every Financial Aid Professional Should Bookmark

Five online resources that will make your job as a financial aid counselor a little easier.


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