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Map Of FinAid Awesomeness

Proudly serving 400-plus higher education institutions in 49 states—and one international customer in Canada, which makes our resident Canuck ecstatic—our map of #FinAid awesomeness looks wildly different than it did a year ago. And more excitement is on the horizon.

A Growing Financial Aid Network 

In early February, CampusLogic announced the acquisition of Cegment’s Net Price Calculator and Award Letter business. Add to this the highly-anticipated launch of ScholarshipUniverse, and we are thrilled to offer the industry’s only end-to-end student financial aid engagement platform.

We’re Here for Your Success 

Amid all the excitement, CampusLogic remains continually focused on our Core Values, one of which is “We love our customers and they know it.” We’re here to help, and we’ll bring all our resources together to help you solve problems.

Our VP of Customer Success, Chrisy Woll, said it best in a recent blog: “If you get stuck on something and spend five minutes trying to figure it out, phone a friend—us! Even if what you’re struggling with isn’t something directly related to our CampusLogic products, we have access to a network of more than 400 colleges and universities that may be able to provide insights.”

Ready to Learn More? 

We’ll help you reduce friction across the student financial aid journey—and we’ll help you easily uncover FinAid-specific metrics, analytics and insights to help you continually refine your performance.

See Our Financial Aid Network in Action >


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