Asking Hard Questions Is Key to Customer Success


A healthy, strong relationship is all about communication. That’s why communication is key to Customer Success at CampusLogic. It’s the common thread through all the initiatives VP of Customer Success Chrisy Woll has spearheaded since joining our team in early 2016. They’re initiatives designed to make our relationships with customers even better.

Active Listening Matters To Customer Success

Woll and her team are listening to customers. Really listening.

And it’s not just about what they hear. Woll says they are actively listening for things that reveal how customers feel—even if they aren’t saying it out loud.

Our Customer Success Managers look out for changes in behavior during their regular calls with customers:

  • Have students stopped making accounts? Maybe it’s a good idea to check in with them.
  • Is it suddenly hard to get call-backs or emails answered? That should be investigated.
  • Have a gut feeling something’s amiss? It won’t hurt to pick up the phone and reach out.

“A lot of people are not going to tell you that they’re frustrated,” Woll explains. Many people, she continues, are uncomfortable with confrontation. So, when her staff members reach out to customers, they strive to create an opportunity to uncover concerns we may not otherwise hear about.

“This can create some difficult conversations,” Woll says, “But I would much rather have a frank discussion with a customer than have them saying ‘all is well’ when it’s not.”

Implementing Feedback in Real Time

Woll and her team take the time to invest in their customer relationships and to make sure the lines of communication are always open. Doing so strengthens our connections while helping CampusLogic grow, too, she points out. “We use feedback and requests to make sure we’re always improving.”

Customer feedback has been instrumental in many of the software enhancements we’ve completed this year—especially the tweaks that make it easier and faster for new customers to get up-and-running. “Just this week,” Woll notes, “IT completed four enhancements that were directly related to what customers told us they needed.”

Woll reports directly to the person who can enact change, Chief Operating Officer Chris Chumley. But the commitment to continuously improve runs deep at CampusLogic, Woll says, adding, “Our whole company is engaged, collaborative and enthusiastic about working toward shared company goals and maintaining our customer-centric values.”

Learn about Chrissy Woll’s approach to Customer Success >

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