Awarding Made Simple [On-Demand Webinar]

April 26, 2018 CampusLogic

If you’re still using Excel to manage scholarships, you’re not alone. In fact, 81% of the participants at the April 25 webinar, “Awarding Made Simple with ScholarshipUniverse,” reported that manual processes are their #1 challenge.

It’s a challenge that delays awarding far too often.

How to Streamline Scholarship Awarding

ScholarshipUniverse—the latest product to launch on the CampusLogic platform—takes away the hassles of spreadsheets, decentralized committees, confused volunteers, and frustrated students. In the webinar, presenters Chris Chumley, CampusLogic Chief Operating Officer, and Justin Topliff, Director of Product Marketing, discussed many of these recurring pain points, then offered a live demonstration to show how ScholarshipUniverse solves—and streamlines—each step.

The demo also showed how ScholarshipUniverse is:

  • Extremely User-Friendly—Easily manage members of the most decentralized scholarship committees—wherever they’re located. The user experience is easy to follow, too, even if your alumni, faculty, and foundation volunteers participate only once a year.
  • Scalable—The more users, the more powerful ScholarshipUniverse becomes. There’s no limit to users, tasks, scholarships, review rounds, etc.
  • Secure—ScholarshipUniverse integrates with any SIS, or it can sit outside of it. Either way, sign-on—and all the data behind it—is always secure.

Keeping the Fun in Funding Students’ Dreams

Awarding scholarships should be exciting. It’s a really big deal for so many students—as well as for your donors and your school. ScholarshipUniverse anticipates the unique needs of your individual processes, people, and scholarship opportunities so students can get their awards more quickly—and you keep everyone engaged in the process.

Learn More About ScholarshipUniverse

Below, please find links to additional presentation resources:

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