CampusLogic Explored: What Do We Actually Do Anyway?


CampusLogic’s focus is creating smart, cloud-based solutions that deliver an exceptional student experience with lower administrative costs.

That refrain hums in our heads as we build and test our solutions, as we demo them for schools and as we talk to investors about how we’re changing financial aid. But more than words, what does each part of our goal really mean? Below, we explore CampusLogic’s driving force and what it means for our current and prospective clients.


Smart financial aid software does the work for you by:

  • Automating complex rules to save you time
  • Personalizing information to give you just the facts
  • Handling follow up and feedback like the personal assistant you wish had.


Cloud-based software solutions aren’t clunky programs that take up space on your computer’s hard drive.

Instead, our agile financial aid solutions are stored virtually in the cloud, where our government-grade data encryption and security measures ensure the safety of all your students’ and institution’s information.


Some problems with financial aid are splashed all over the media (e.g. the $1.3 trillion of student debt). Others go nearly unspoken, such as the burdens of compliance, lengthy wait times in financial aid offices and students’ misconceptions or misunderstanding about aid.
Our products solve those problems, the ones most keenly felt by financial aid staffers and students. Through our hands-on experience in financial aid offices, we built solutions for the issues occurring every day in financial aid offices across the country.


To make the complex jobs of financial aid counselors easier.

To help students borrow responsibly.

To harness technology to improve communication and customer service on all higher education campuses.

Ultimately, to simplify financial aid for everyone.

Exceptional Student Experience & Administrative Costs

Higher ed institutes across the country have cut budgets, and financial aid departments must do more with less. In short, financial aid officers will find it more difficult to deliver an exceptional student experience.

63% of financial aid administrators currently believe their budgets are not adequate to provide needed services to students. Clearly, without enough budget, the only two outcomes are to change the way things are done or let student service suffer.

We’re in the camp of changing manual, time-consuming financial aid processes to be able to deliver exceptional student service. CampusLogic’s solutions streamline document collection and automate communications, so financial aid staff can focus on what matters most: counseling students!

Want to learn more about our solutions? Check out brief descriptions and client testimonials here, or visit specific pages for AwardLetter, StudentVerification, AutoReconciliation and StudentDocuments.

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