CampusLogic is now an Ellucian Alliance Partner

You may have heard today’s great news already: CampusLogic is now an Ellucian Alliance Partner.  A leader in higher education technology, Ellucian “provides the software and services institutions need to help students succeed,” working with more than 2,400 institutions and 18 million students worldwide. We sat down with Chris Chumley, Chief Operating Officer at CampusLogic, to find out more about the company’s new partnership and what it brings to schools using Banner ® or Colleague ® by Ellucian.

Why did CampusLogic decide to partner with Ellucian?

CC: Ellucian and CampusLogic share a common commitment: to deliver quality solutions to higher education institutions. Ellucian is a predominant student information system (SIS) technology provider in higher education, and CampusLogic is the only cloud-based student financial aid engagement platform that increases enrollment, improves efficiencies, and provides the best student experience. Partnering helps us both better-serve our communities of customers.

How do schools currently using Ellucian Student Information Systems (Banner, Colleague) benefit from this partnership?

CC: The CampusLogic financial aid engagement platform integrates with Ellucian’s student information systems (SIS) providing a seamless financial aid experience for students. The ultimate financial aid solution is the combination of Banner and CampusLogic, or Colleague and CampusLogic. Enhancing an Ellucian SIS with CampusLogic is such a huge win for the institution, allowing them to provide easy, mobile, personalized financial aid.

Doesn’t Ellucian offer financial aid functionality as part of their SIS?

CC: An Ellucian SIS will offer financial aid functionality around packaging, awarding and the administration of aid. CampusLogic’s platform focuses on optimizing the student experience throughout the financial aid process, creating better student engagement. For example, CampusLogic automates all financial aid interactions (think verification, professional judgments, SAP appeals) with online task management, guided workflow, e-signature, mobile document upload, automated text reminders, and more.

If I have Colleague or Banner by Ellucian, both of which are self-service, why would I need CampusLogic?

CC: Colleague and Banner are fantastic enterprise systems that drive efficiencies for administrative users, but benefit from what CampusLogic can do for the student experience—it’s not what they were designed to do. Financial aid is complicated, and takes way too much time for schools and students. We believe financial aid can be awesome, and our platform helps schools simplify financial aid, making it easy, mobile, and personalized.

What was involved in becoming a partner?

CC: To become an Alliance Partner, CampusLogic went through a rigorous application and assessment process, including reference checks. Ellucian thoroughly verifies that Alliance Partners have a strong higher education focus, sufficient implementation and support services to meet customer needs, and offer solutions that extend, enhance, and integrate with Ellucian solutions. Ellucian also evaluated our product roadmap to ensure it is complimentary, not competitive, to Ellucian’s products.

What is an Alliance partner?

CC: Alliance Partners deliver software applications, hardware, and services that can extend, enhance, and integrate with Ellucian’s core solutions.

What does the Alliance Partnership mean to institutions considering CampusLogic?

CC: Ellucian’s naming of CampusLogic as an Alliance Partner provides one more reason for customers to rest assured that they have made the right choice for their financial aid office. Choosing CampusLogic means choosing an Ellucian-trusted partner who provides the high-quality solutions and new capabilities Ellucian is known for. You have our word on our quality—and the word of over 50 institutions and 300K+active students—and now you have Ellucian’s stamp of approval.

How might this partnership affect the procurement process for institutions?

CC: It can certainly be an advantage for schools that are already Ellucian customers. If your institution has already completed an RFP with Ellucian, you may not have to do a new RFP to add CampusLogic in the future. Financial aid offices should also check with their finance departments to determine if there is any additional budget they can now put towards this.

What does CampusLogic offer?

CC: CampusLogic transforms the way colleges and universities deliver financial aid, making it easy, mobile and personalized. Unlike complicated, time-consuming processes, we simplify financial aid, so schools can boost enrollment, efficiencies, and student satisfaction. CampusLogic’s cloud-based platform includes three modules that work together to provide the only financial aid engagement platform for higher education including:

  • StudentForms: simplify verification, professional judgments, SAP appeals, and any custom form
  • CampusMetrics: visualize and act on financial aid data instantly
  • AwardLetter: modernize and make award letters mobile

How can I learn more about CampusLogic?

CC: The best way to learn more is via our website, We also attend national and regional FinAid events throughout the year, so look for a CampusLogic booth at your next event!

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