CL Connect: Maximize Your FinAid Engine

By Chris Chumley, Chief Operating Officer

Building products that focus on improving the student experience while delivering a 10x return on investment (ROI) to the colleges and universities who are our customers has always been our product strategy. But customers were choosing integration options that did less than maximize their success. We set out to figure out why, and to build a solution.

The culprit: Excitement doesn’t trump resources

We discovered that while our customers are excited about the potential for CampusLogic to modernize their finaid offices, their schools are still exceedingly busy. And the school’s IT departments are even more so. Dev roadmaps are often maxed out for the year ahead, with priorities set by a host of departments. If push came to shove, many new CampusLogic clients were choosing to integrate as little as possible, if at all—and I can’t blame them. They needed to get their financial aid student self-service platform live, start processing ISIRs, and keep up with daily life in the finaid office.

Mission: Make full integration easy

Watching customers opt for minimal or no integration was like watching someone drive a Ferrari to pick up the groceries—sure, the car looks stunning in the parking lot and offers an exceptional driving experience. But grocery trips aren’t what Ferraris are truly built for. And basic integration isn’t what CampusLogic is built for. Our new mission: help finaid offices leverage the full engine capacity of CampusLogic’s platform: the speed, the power, the efficiency. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for customers to drive their CampusLogic ‘FinAid Ferrari’ down an open road.

Enter CL Connect: Your integration wizard

CL Connect—an open-source web application downloadable from Github for free—is our solution. The next-generation of integration at CampusLogic, CL Connect allows for quick and easy integration with our financial aid platform with minimal effort from your team. From the beginning we have provided robust web services that allow customers to integrate with any SIS or imaging system. Supporting those services is a powerful event notification system that allows institutions to build real-time integrations. CL Connect builds on these integration tools.

After installing and configuring CL Connect, the following integration points can be used:

  • Automate ISIR imports: ISIR files can be imported into the StudentVerification module of CampusLogic, instantly updating students’ task lists and requirements.
  • Process ISIR corrections in bulk: ISIR corrections can be generated as a single file formatted for upload to the Department of Education.
  • Keep SIS in sync: Update your student system in real-time of the status of file review and document collection in CampusLogic.  Any SIS—Banner, CampusVue, Colleague, Jenzabar, or Oracle/PeopleSoft—with minimal development.
  • Auto-index documents for imaging systems: Retrieve pre-indexed documents from our APIs and deliver them to a designated location on your network where you imaging system can import them.
  • Upload awarding files: For AwardLetter customers, automate in minutes the upload of awarding files for generating digital and dynamic award letters, shopping sheets or other financial aid notifications.

Tenfold ROI just got easier

Maximizing our customers’ success is crucial to the CampusLogic family, which is why we’re thrilled to launch CL Connect. It will streamline processes, and all but guarantees a tenfold return on a CampusLogic product investment. For engineers and tech-folks reading this, you can check out the CL Connect app on GitHub here. But we don’t expect you to do it all yourself. Contact your Customer Success Manager or your Regional Director at CampusLogic to learn more today.

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