Customer Success is everyone’s business at CampusLogic

“Making sure our customers are successful is the only way we’ll change students’ lives.” That powerful statement is what Chrisy Woll’s job here at CampusLogic comes down to. Chrisy, a noted industry leader, joined us as Vice President of Customer Success early this year and has been hard at work putting our Customer Success team together.

A Warm Welcome

Chrisy and her team have been welcomed with open arms. “Everybody is just super excited about having this Customer Success team,” she says, adding that CampusLogic has a great group of people that have really bought into the idea.


Customer Success is a revolution in account management. It focuses on building and strengthening authentic relationships with clients by actively listening and reacting to their needs. It depends on a team and culture that truly puts the client first – and doesn’t just pay lip service to them.

This company-wide welcome of the Customer Success culture makes sense when you consider that one of CampusLogic’s core values is “We love our customers and they know it.”

And CampusLogic can’t make financial aid awesome without happy and engaged customers.

Everyone’s In

Chrisy says everyone at CampusLogic truly believes in the company values. They aren’t just something that displayed on the wall or on some hidden page on the website.  “We talk about our purpose, we talk about our core values often,” she says.

The unified team mentality is driven by working toward Wildly Important Goals, also known as WIGs. A concept coined in the book we follow for execution of strategy,  The 4 Disciplines of Execution, WIGs are organization-wide goals. Departments may work toward them differently, but everyone at CampusLogic is aligning to the same WIGs.

It promotes unity, openness and collaborative spirit. “There is no silo effect happening,” Chrisy says. Really, every single person at CampusLogic is on Chrisy’s team. As she points out, Customer Success is a company-wide priority, not just a Customer Success department priority.

Go Team!

That’s easiest done when you have a happy, engaged work force. Everyone at CampusLogic is excited about it, which is a huge part of Customer Success, Chrisy explains. It’s a great place to work, she says. “Everyone wants to be here.” And as she points out, happy employees mean happy customers. It’s a win for all of us. Watch the blog for an upcoming post sharing information about how our Customer Success team operates.

Learn about some of the Customer Success Team’s recent successes >

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