Enhance Colleague with easy, mobile, personalized FinAid: An RMUG 2016 Presentation

Director of Financial Aid at Northern Wyoming Community College District (NWCCD) Kristen Gast’s small FinAid office employed a paper-based, manual approach to student verification. That all changed after her team discovered CampusLogic at the 2015 RMUG Conference.

Go Beyond Self-Service

“Everyone thinks that because a school has a self-service portal, they don’t need to look into improving verification. Self-service means that your students can see and accept documents. A solution like CampusLogic’s StudentForms automates the FinAid processes around ensuring information is accurate. It’s a crucial next step,” says Gast.

Colleague Integration Success

To win over Gast, CampusLogic had to improve office efficiencies, be easy for students to use, and require minimal IT support. But most importantly for Gast, CampusLogic had to work with Colleague. Past experience had taught her that Colleague can be trickier for third-party vendors to integrate with. “CampusLogic prioritized finding a solution, and that really stood out to us,” she explains.

View The RMUG Presentation

Gast and CampusLogic Regional Director Steven Morris co-presented about NWCCD’s positive on-boarding and integration experience at the Rocky Mountain Users’ Group annual user-led conference in June 2016. Check out the presentation for more on why Gast refers CampusLogic.

Download the PDF Showcasing NWCCD’s Success with CampusLogic >

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