#FinAidNinjas Unite at NASFAA 2017


NASFAA 2017 Collectible Sticker From CampusLogic

Financial aid professionals from across the country are gearing up for the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) 2017 conference in San Diego, June 26–29. We are, too! And if last year was any indication of things to come—Prior-Prior Year, Early FAFSA, and a hacked DRT—the months ahead may prove very interesting indeed.

We’re proud to be a gold-level sponsor of this year’s National Conference. Join us to learn about easy, mobile, personalized financial aid at Booth 523—and don’t forget to pick up this year’s “I Make Financial Aid Awesome” collectible sticker!

Bringing the FinAidNinjas

We always bring the #awesome to NASFAA. This year we’re bringing ninjas, too—#FinAidNinjas, to be precise. Ninjas are known for their unique skill level forged through years of training and life experience. They’re cool in the face of adversity—or, in the case of financial aid professionals, regulatory updates. And they’re stealthy, like FinAid pros, working behind the scenes to make financial aid awesome for students and parents.

Here’s what else is on our NASFAA 2017 agenda. We hope you’ll add these activities to yours, too!

Two NASFAA 2017 FABS Seminars

Plan to attend our two Financial Aid Business Solutions (FABS) seminars. You’ll learn tips and actionable insights to help you streamline, optimize, and mobilize your student financial services.

Financial Aid, the Way Your Students Want It
Wednesday, June 28 at 4:15 p.m., presented by Mark McGinnis

At least 12 million people travel the student finance journey each year. Friction points between students’ needs and obstacles in the federal financial aid process abound, causing some students to walk away completely. Making financial aid easy, mobile, and personalized means students can navigate the financial aid journey faster, more efficiently, and with less friction. Less friction means more students can access aid—and the education it pays for. Less friction means administrative cost drops because processes are streamlined and students can navigate the journey with less burden on staff. Meet the platform that does it all.

Leave Manual, Disjointed Scholarship Searches in the Dust
Wednesday, June 28 10:15 a.m., presented by Rebekah Salcedo, Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships at The University of Arizona, and Chris Chumley, CampusLogic COO

Cost is the No. 1 factor for students choosing a college or university—and nearly 90% of respondents said a scholarship of as little as $500 could influence their decision. Yet a student’s scholarship search today is manual and disjointed, making finding, applying for, and managing scholarships incredibly time-consuming and tedious. Opportunities are overlooked and students are left wondering how to pay for college. ScholarshipUniverseSM bridges these gaps, boosting conversion from applicant to student, reducing administrative burden, and empowering strategic awarding. Ready to meet the proactive matching algorithm that drove more than $6 million in scholarship opportunities for one school alone?

You don’t need to reserve space to attend our FABS seminars, but they do fill up quickly so plan to arrive early.

Meet Us at Booth #523: It’s the Place to Be!

For everything you’ve ever wanted to know about easy, mobile, personalized financial aid, be sure to stop by Booth 523, on the Exhibit Level, Hall B at the conference.

Meet the Team: Regional Directors, Customer Success Team members, and CampusLogic leadership will all be on hand. Ask us anything: About how we provide the best student experience around; how we get you live in 30 days or less; and why we know that mobile isn’t a “nice-to-have” for FinAid offices—it’s a necessity.

Cool Up Your Coffee Mug: Does your daily cuppa joe say “I Make Financial Aid Awesome” on it? It should. Because you do. Stop by our booth to learn more.

Collectible Awesomeness Stickers: “I Make Financial Aid Awesome” stickers are an integral part of the CampusLogic experience. Every year at NASFAA, we launch a new sticker design—and we’re pretty excited about this one (see above)! Make sure you get this year’s sticker for your collection!

A Conference We Can’t Miss

The CampusLogic team attends NASFAA every year to ensure we stay current with national developments and that our groundbreaking SaaS technology solves for existing and new points of friction across the student finance journey. We’re focused on always improving the student experience. We know you are, too.

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