For a Man of Letters, This Life Fits Steven Young to a ‘T’


Steven Young, CampusLogic CSM

Steven Young is a man of letters: B.A., M.A., M.Ed. One day, he also hopes to earn an Ed.D. and a Ph.D. This lifelong learner simply loves higher education.

“I’ve discovered that to be a truly happy person, I should always be learning—and traveling—which is a form of learning,” he says. Steven has worked in higher ed most of his career, too. He served as a financial aid advisor and a Director of Financial Aid (DFA) for nearly 10 years before joining the CampusLogic team in 2016. He’s also on the board of directors at the Arizona Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (AASFA).

3 More Letters Behind Steven Young’s Name: CSM

At CampusLogic, Steven’s known as a CSM, or Customer Success Manager. His job is to ensure that Financial Aid Offices using the CampusLogic student financial services platform achieve optimum return on investment. Once a school has implemented the software, he’s the main point of contact for about 30 customers in California.

“Working at CampusLogic is like living my dream—I love it here,” Steven effuses. “I can directly apply my financial aid knowledge and experiences to help other DFAs. I totally understand what they’re going through.”

He continues, “It’s a total win for me—and I hope for our customers, too.” His real-world knowledge of the industry and the professional connections he’s made over the years lend unmeasured support to both customers and CampusLogic.

The Perfect Work-Life Balance

“I know I’m a better person just by working with such a stellar group,” Steven says. “One of my colleagues calls our office ‘Mecca’ and I agree. Plus, the company’s commitment to work-life balance enables me to travel quite a bit.” In 2016, he notes, he embarked on 14 trips in 12 months. His wanderlust is on a similar pace this year.

“This is my perfect life,” he says with a smile that illuminates the room.

“We Are Strong and Have the Will to Win”

Steven knows by experience that change can be hard to manage in a FinAid Office, where regulations and compliance issues are omnipresent. The fear of trusting software products to manage that tenuous balance—and still streamline processes—is very real, he adds.

“Our schools need to accept the challenge to change—and manage that change. Directors and their staff must be strong and willing to take on new technology to continue winning students while remaining compliant,” Steven says.

“One of our core values at CampusLogic says: ‘We are strong and have the will to win.’ That resonates with me. I think it embodies what our schools go through—and what I try to do to help them stay strong and win those daily battles.”

Letters from Abroad

Some of Steven’s colleagues and customers may not know that he’s been an ordained minister since he was 17—following in his mother’s footsteps. At a very young age, he found himself officiating weddings and funerals. But he soon realized he preferred working with youth programs. “That was an ah-ha moment for me,” he says. “I realized education was my path.”

Now, he’s set a goal to become a community college instructor by 2019. He’s also got a few more degrees in mind—and, usually, at least a dozen more trips planned each year.

For Steven Young, that means more letters. And some stamps—in his passport.

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