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#humblebrag moment…

CampusLogic is proud to have created self-service software that increases borrower understanding, encourages less borrowing and simplifies the financial aid process for everyone involved. Our platforms are designed to increase school compliance, lower cost, enhance security and improve the student experience. They’re easy to use and they are way more fun that manual, paper-intensive processes or eye-blurring spreadsheets.

Okay, now back to you.

While we have created what we are positive is the best financial aid software available, we are more than that. We are an institutional partner. And we are a financial aid counselor’s best friend.

What’s in a Blog, Anyway?

We are very purposeful with this blog. Sure, we occasionally get to talk about ourselves (^^^), but our goal is to provide actionable tips, tools and resources that genuinely make financial aid counselors’ and directors’ lives easier. We comb the internet for the latest research, talk to industry professionals and dig into our expertise to deliver helpful resourceful content with you in mind (cue Willie Nelson’s Always On My Mind).

That’s why we publish awesome pieces like:

An Open Letter to Students from a Financial Aid Counselor – our most popular post

7 Productivity Power Ups for the Financial Aid Office

Top 11 Metrics Every Financial Aid Director Should Be Measuring

Financial Aid Glossary for Newbies


That’s why we partner with real financial aid professionals to publish their blogs:

Navigating Your Financial Aid Career: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together and A Tribute to Financial Aid Administrators by Robert Weinhert, Jr.

We are always seeking to feature a blog by someone in the financial aid or higher ed industry. If you are interested, please email


That’s why we write guides for school admin of other departments:

How to Hire the Right Financial Aid Director

Why Self-service Should Be Colleges’ Top Priority


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