Happy College Signing Day from CampusLogic!

Today is #CollegeSigningDay and the Twittersphere is blowing up with excited students posting about where the next steps on their educational journeys will take them. Search for the hashtags #ReachHigher and #CollegeSigningDay to tap into the excitement as students, celebrities, alums, and Americans around the country post pictures to celebrate the importance of reaching past a high school education.

A tradition of celebration

National College Signing Day is a tradition that celebrates students  going to college the same way that we celebrate athletes and celebrities. An effort started by the First Lady, National College Signing Day aims “to make sure that every student in America takes charge of their future by continuing their education past high school – whether at a professional training program, community college or a four-year college or university.” This year, 1,000+ events in almost all 50 states are participating.

CampusLogic gets reflective

We asked the CampusLogic crew to reflect on their own journeys to #reachhigher. Read on for their responses:

Gregg Scoresby, Chief Executive Officer

“Undergrad:  BYU / Grad: Cornell (MBA).  With my BYU decision, it was the only school I applied to. To be really candid, I was mostly excited to be away from home—and then when I was away, I really missed it!  For my MBA program, I applied to three schools:  Dartmouth, Cornell, and Michigan. Didn’t get into Dartmouth (still a little bitter) but was super excited when I got into Cornell. I was so excited to immerse myself into the language of business and get exposure to new concepts, different people and a geography that was foreign to me at the time.  I graduated 20 years ago but I am still close friends with some really quality people that I went to school with there. That educational experience gave me a network, confidence, skills and context that I still draw on today.  Truly transformational for me and 100% worth the student debt I had coming out.”

Jennifer Hannon, Customer Success Manager

“I applied at ASU, NAU, UC Berkley and SDSU on my own and got into all four schools. Under pressure from my parents I also applied to Christ College Irvine (now a Concordia school) because I’m a good Lutheran girl that way. I knew even if I was accepted I wasn’t going to go there, but I wanted to make my parents happy. I was so excited to get accepted to Berkley and was also offered a partial scholarship to their Drama department. My parents sat me down and had a hard conversation with me about college. There were four of us in college at the same time, and even with the scholarship my parents couldn’t afford it or any other out-of-state school. I went to ASU, and it turned out to be a great experience. I wanted so badly for my son to follow in my footsteps…well, we all know how that one ended. #BearDown.”

Rick Dwyer, Regional Director

“I started at the University of Wyoming (a bit by default as the only U in my home state) but transferred to the University of Texas at Austin in the middle of my Sophomore year. When I made the change, I think I was most excited to go to a really large school, steeped in tradition, in a unique city outside of the U.S. (Texas is a whole ‘nuther country).”

Kristi Punches, Customer Success Manager

“I went to Regis University in Denver. I was older and liked the professional studies program that they offered.”

Steven Young, Customer Success Manager

“I completed my undergrad with Grand Canyon University. What made me most excited about making my official choice was that I believed that I was finally on the cusp of completing my degree. I had begun the pursuit of my degree at the age of 19 as a traditional ground-campus student at another Phoenix university. After stopping after two and a half years to move out of state for other opportunities, it had taken me six years and stops at two other schools before I made my final stop at GCU. I was very proud of myself when I walked across the stage with my fellow ‘Lopes.”

Tracy Skochil, Director, Content

“I completed my undergrad at York University in Toronto, Canada. An English and History major, I was really excited about having access to such a huge library, archives, and students to talk books with. I had also applied to the University of Toronto, because it was my dad’s old stomping grounds. I got into both, but York felt like a better fit for me. It was a great experience, I met some of the best friends a girl could ask for. Today I’m wearing a University of Kentucky shirt for National College Signing Day, though. My husband is a die-hard UK alum, and I learned very quickly that I married him AND the Big Blue Nation.”

Happy #CollegeSigningDay from CampusLogic! Super proud of all the students who are choosing to #reachhigher.

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