Horrible passwords: kind of funny, until a hacker gets in

The top two worst passwords of 2015 are exactly the same as 2014—and that’s a really sad thing. We’ll give you two guesses…. But you’ll likely only need one. If you guessed that the worst passwords are “123456” and “password” you win! Well, technically the hackers win. Because as long as people use weak, easily guessable passwords, they’ll be putting themselves at risk for hacking and identity theft.

How and why SplashData creates the list

Compiling the list for five years, the folks at SplashData release the info to encourage the adoption of stronger passwords to improve internet security. The 2015 list is based on more than 2 million passwords leaked during the year.

On the lighter side: dragon and monkey are falling

Perhaps spurred by fanatics of Game of Thrones, “dragon” is on the list—but it dropped 7 spaces this year.  The smile-inducing “letmein” also dropped off, falling six spaces to land at #19. “Monkey” fell six spaces, “Baseball” dropped three spots, and “Football” jumped three spaces.

New additions for 2015

Since Star Wars: The Force Awakens didn’t launch in theaters until December 2015, it’s tough to attribute “princess” (# 21), “solo” (#23) and “starwars” (#25) to it, unless the year’s hype to the release drove mass password changes. It’s possible. It took us a minute to figure out how “1qaz2wsx” could be trending… but then we realized (by staring at our keyboard for 10 seconds) that it’s an easy pattern.

Passwords matter: choose wisely

DFAs and FinAid offices deal with an astronomical amount of sensitive data. We’re sure your passwords are much more complex. If they’re not, think about how easy you’re making it for hackers to get into sensitive information and systems. For more resources and information to help you protect your FinAid office from cyberattacks,  join our upcoming webinar: “What FinAid offices need to know about cyberattacks.”

Check out the full SplashData infographic >

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