How to Clear C Code 399 Flags and STILL Have a Life [On-Demand Webinar]

Featuring Financial Aid Director Jennifer Buckles from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, this session discussed the challenges surrounding comment code 399, and FinAid’s quest for clarity. Jennifer, who started clearing C Code 399s way back in October, explained her team’s processes to research, resolve, and update ISIRs—with an overarching focus on student success.

C Code 399 Webclinic Live Poll Results

Recapping the live poll results, more than 30% of attendees had seen between one to 50 C Code 399 flags thus far—just under 20% had seen more than 200. Top challenges faced by attendees in clearing C Code 399 flags were “frustrated/confused students & parents,” and “annoyed/overworked staff.”

January WebClinic Key Takeaways

  • Overview of C Code 399
    • Why and when it’s generated
    • Negative repercussions: Added admin burden and negative student experience
  • Manual vs. 399 Workbench: C Code 399 Process
    • Research
    • Resolution
    • Student communications
  • 399 Workbench Demonstration
    • Why we built 399 Workbench for our customers
  • Benefits of a Streamlined Resolution Process
    • For your students
    • For your office

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