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Former Intern Josh Lincoln

Our interns dig into their roles across departments here at CampusLogic—and the payoff is #awesome on both sides. They gain relevant work experience and we get brilliant college students who are experiencing the financial aid cycle for themselves. It’s like having our own living laboratory. Importantly, each of our interns serves as a daily reminder that the world moves fast—and that EdTech needs to keep up. In this series, we introduce you to our interns. But this week’s profile is a unique case. Software developer Josh Lincoln was an intern when we first started writing this; now he’s a full-time member of the CampusLogic family.

“Early on, we knew Josh had a natural knack for program development,” says his boss, Jason Saunders. “He’s a good fit because of his passion and desire to learn.”

“Internships at CampusLogic are not like most companies,” the VP of Engineering continues. “We give young developers an opportunity to get into real-world coding and to make an impact on our products right away.”

Meet the Rookies

Josh Lincoln  Software Developer—and first-round draft pick  LinkedIn

School/University: Arizona State University, Fulton School of Engineering

Major: Computer Science

Graduation Date: December 2016 (He celebrated by joining CampusLogic, full time!)

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

What do you geek out on? .NET, C#, LINQ, ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, EF, SQL Server, AngularJS, KendoUI, HTML, CSS

Dream job? Lead engineer for the Mars mission.

One thing most people don’t know about you? I have two bachelor’s degrees. The first is in Earth and Space Exploration and the second in Computer Science.

One way you’d like to change the world? The same way Tesla is—by removing our dependency on nonrenewable sources of energy.

Favorite CampusLogic Core Value? We Love Our Customers and They Know It. All the work I do at CampusLogic is to improve our customer experience and add new features that will, hopefully, improve lives.

Favorite thing about working at CampusLogic? The free drinks and snacks, of course!

Lured by Free Snacks, Responsibility Soon Followed

Josh graduated from ASU in December and we’re thrilled to report he returned to CampusLogic as a full-time employee in January 2017.

“Josh’s passion for development and his ability to pick up new technologies rapidly made our decision to offer him a full-time job a no-brainer,” Jason adds.

And that’s one of the things that makes CampusLogic such a great place for interns, Josh points out. “The work you do as an intern will make it into actual production. So, you’re able to impact customers—rather than working on pre-assigned, ‘intern-type’ projects that never go anywhere.”

 What else would Josh tell students about interning at CampusLogic? “The company culture is awesome,” he says.

Internships and Career Opportunities

At CampusLogic, interns generally work a full-time schedule when school’s not in session. During the school year, however, the average workweek drops to a flexible 20 hours—so students can pay proper attention to their coursework.

“Josh has been a wonderful addition to our team and brings great energy and passion to our environment,” explains Jason. “He set a great standard for our intern program. We look forward to finding others like him who we can groom and mature into great, full-stack developers.”

We’re stoked about exceptional employee recruitment and are always looking for just the right person for just the right job—both interns and full-time employees. Are you a fit for CampusLogic?

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