Introducing StudentDocuments: The Start of a Revolution


Hear ye, School Admin and Officials…

The era of paper cuts, filing cabinets and indexing submitted documents is over.

We invite you to join the student-self service revolution called StudentDocuments.

What Does StudentDocuments Do?

2-simple-steps1It is a smart software that is remarkably simple.

StudentDocuments takes what in the past has been a drawn-out process often involving time-consuming indexing procedures, hand delivery of documents, missed deadlines and frustrated staffers and students, and slims it down to two steps:

1. Students or their parents easily upload any school document via their smartphones or computers to the self-indexing portal.

2. Staff manage document submissions with one-click document reject/accept.

Who Cares?

Your students certainly do.

Your students don’t fax, they post. They don’t mail, they email. They don’t call, they text. If you want better student engagement, you must make it quick, easy and modern. Embrace the technology your students use every day.

Your staff cares too.

They’re busy trying to meet institutional goals like increasing enrollment and student retention, but manual, archaic processes are slowing them down. Our technology saves them time, and we all know time is money.

Become an Exclusive First Access Member

To learn more about StudentDocuments, sign up for Exclusive First Access. Exclusive First Access Members will be the first to hear when StudentDocuments is available (it’s slated for Fall 2015), and you’ll even get to try it for free for 60 days. As an added perk, you’ll be immediately eligible for special discounts on our current ed tech products.

Click the image below to sign up and join the Revolution!



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