Legacy technologies and processes holding back your student experience?

Upgrade it: make it easy, mobile, accessible.


Students are mobilists, according to Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up 2015 Research Project. Seems a no-brainer statement, right? We all know kids, preteens, and teenagers are more digitally savvy than most generations before them. But take a deeper look. Highlights from Project Tomorrow’s  “Ten Things Everyone Should Know About K-12 Students’ Digital Learning” and from “Look inside today’s digital classroom” are eye-opening.

Personal access to mobile devices has reached several significant tipping points. Percentage of smartphone users by grade:

• 86% of 9-12th

• 72% of 6-8th

• 46% of 3-5th

Students are regularly using digital tools outside of school to communicate with their teachers about schoolwork questions:

• 48% by email

• 15% by texting

Teachers are also reporting using texting to communicate

• 66% with colleagues

• 39% with parents

• 14% with students

Why should higher ed institutions care?

Colleges and Universities need to ask themselves one question:  Am I ready to meet these types of expectations when these K-12 students become my students? Do you offer an online experience that guides users step-by-step through a process? Are you mobile, personalized, easy to navigate? For most financial aid offices, the reality likely involves paperwork, fax machines, snail mail, and tedious outreach efforts to chase students. When it comes to students navigating campus services, today’s traditional outdated, cluttered campus portals are anything but intuitive or searchable.

It’s time to build a better student experience

CampusLogic and rSmart are two edtech startups revolutionizing the student experience in financial aid and student services. Our mobile, cloud-based solutions help students find success by making it as easy as possible for them to do what they need to do, be it get through the red tape to get into college, or cut through the noise to find the right services at the right time once they are students.

How to  provide the best student experience possible

Focus on the student experience, always. It’s easier said than done sometimes, in a manner of speaking. No one sets out to create a poor, cluttered, confusing experience, but it can happen over time. When you focus on making it ‘all about the student,’ you can’t go wrong. Students don’t want to print out papers and fax them in–to what can feel like a black hole. Students also don’t want to have to visit 1,000 websites to find the right link to the one service they need. Read on for how CampusLogic and rSmart take the student experience to new heights:

CampusLogic’s StudentForms makes #finaid easy, mobile, personalized:

  • Online task management – Students have personalized online check-lists that update in real-time showing where they are in verification, professional judgment, and SAP appeal processes.
  • Easy-Capture and Auto Population of Data – Key information from a student’s FAFSA is auto populated, reducing errors and allowing for personalized verification questions based on a student’s profile.
  • Secure document upload from any device – Students can upload files using their phone’s native interface.
  • Automated reminders and notifications – Automated, time-triggered text and email reminders take the burden of follow-up off financial aid staff.
  • E-signature – Government-grade encryption and security means both parents and students can sign virtually, worry-free.

rSmart’s OneCampus makes navigating campus services simple, modern and accessible.

  • One location, any device – easily find and access services, information and applications
  • Google-like search – Search or filter by category, campus, and/or role
  • Ratings and reviews – Post reviews, rate tasks, or share feedback with service owners
  • Multi-campus support – Aggregate services for multiple campuses in one place

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that many Financial Aid and Campus Services portals and systems haven’t seen an update in a decade or so—which is about the same time the first iPhone appeared. Get ahead of the competition by making your FinAid and Campus Services easier, more accessible, and mobile.


CampusLogic: CampusLogic transforms the way colleges and universities deliver financial aid with the first and only student self-service platform. Easy, mobile, and paper-free, CampusLogic’s cloud-based software simplifies financial aid management, so more students can complete financial aid and get into the classroom.

OneCampus from rSmart, a service directory portal, is a lightweight, cloud-based solution that enables students, faculty, and staff to find and discover campus services such as grades, email, or even game tickets, through an intuitive and mobile-friendly Google-like search.

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