On Human Rights Day, Stand Up for Others—Starting With Your Hiring Practices


In 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, laying the foundation of fundamental human rights for all, to be universally protected. Two years later, Human Rights Day was born. Celebrated every year on December 10, it’s a day to reaffirm our common humanity; to remember that—wherever we are, whoever we are—we each hold the power to make a real difference in the world.

Stand Up for Someone


“Stand up for someone’s rights today!”

The theme for Human Rights Day 2016 is based on the declaration’s fundamental proposition that each of us—everywhere, all the time—is entitled to the full range of human rights and that it’s everyone’s responsibility to uphold them.

At CampusLogic, we stand together to support that belief by challenging harmful stereotypes, speaking up against prejudice and intolerance, and pointing out positive and diverse role models. Our People Operations Manager, Sasha Robinson, is observing Human Rights Day this year by reflecting on our hiring practices. Read on for her thoughts.

Mindful Recruitment Matters

0527_2015_september_30_campus_logicBy Sasha Robinson 

When I began building our hiring processes at CampusLogic, I had only a vague idea of what “culture fit” was. I saw the term thrown around in articles on effective hiring methods, but I also saw it pop up with tags like “discrimination” and “diversity.” Many were singing the praises of a hiring process with a “culture fit” component. But, who were those naysayers—and why were they so adamantly opposed to “culture fit?”

After a little Nancy-Drew-style sleuthing, I found this definition—and an explanation as to why it can be detrimental to hiring diverse talent:

“Fit is the unquantifiable variable which makes you think that you will be able to g-chat stupid gifs with someone, or drink craft brewed beer/fair trade coffee/single terroir wine with them, or bemoan the sorry state of the local sports franchise with them. It is the bro/homegirl quality, the affability borne out of similar backgrounds and similar experiences.”

Diversity Hiring and the Concept of ‘Fit’

“Culture fit” is sameness, plain and simple. Companies that tout its merits are merely advertising their desire to build organizations with people who think and act like them. A hiring process centered on “culture fit” is an exclusionary one: Outwardly considering all applicants, but internally (often unconsciously) only considering candidates who make them most comfortable; who mesh best with the group.

Hire for Values Fit, Not Culture Fit

Truth is—and this might be a shocker—your co-workers do NOT have to be your best friends. So, at CampusLogic, we don’t hire for culture fit, we hire for values fit. This may seem like semantics, but it’s not. We have seven values that make up our company’s DNA; values that inform every decision we make.

That’s why, when we’re conducting interviews with job applicants, we don’t build in personal questions such as “Do you like to golf?” which might bias us. Instead, we ask questions that target authentic responses; ones that reveal our interviewees’ core values. We ask questions like, “Define integrity and provide an example of a time when you acted with integrity.” Values-based questions bypass superficial similarities intended to maintain homogenous workplaces. Instead, they reveal more important characteristics—like if the candidate would go the extra mile for a colleague or persevere through failure.

Diversity Drives Our Success

CampusLogic CEO Gregg Scoresby is a huge proponent of diversity recruitment in the tech industry and openly advocates for it. We believe diversity drives toward better financial and creative outcomes, so we seek out job candidates who align to our values. We’re comfortable that our company “culture” will endure because of our differences; not in spite of them.

Today, as you think about what you can do to stand up for others’ rights, think about even the most minuscule actions you can take. In fact, even some minor tweaks to hiring practices could dramatically impact the lives of job seekers who are not at all like you—but who can add untold value to your organization. Importantly, be sure to recognize, and celebrate, all the differences among colleagues in your workplace—and everywhere you go.

Learn more about Human Rights Day >

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