#OneofaKindness: How We Celebrate Kindness Every Day


Monday, November 13, is World Kindness Day 2017. But, really, here at CampusLogic—we celebrate kindness every day. And I don’t just mean your “run-of-the-mill” kindness. It’s a very special #OneofaKindness.

I think CampusLogic is unique among many growth companies in technology. There’s a sense of humility here; a humanity that goes beyond coding, data analytics, and product launches. It embraces kindness toward everyone. That leads to a pretty rare culture, in my experience—and one I want to share whenever I talk to anyone about CampusLogic.

A Culture That’s One of a Kind

Lots of people talk about “company culture.” We believe that culture is how your workplace makes you feel from the moment you walk through the door each day. So, we’ve coined the term #OneofaKindness. To me, it means there’s something special here—that we’re as focused on each individual as we are on the organization as a whole. Everyone has a unique perspective to share and to contribute to something bigger—which inevitably ignites our purpose of “helping schools change lives.”

That, in itself, is a noble—and very kind—cause to get behind.

We’re Really Nice (and Kind)

Our seven values are an integral part of our company’s DNA. You might find it surprising that we use language like, “We are nice and take care of each other.” I did. At first look, I thought that sounded, well, too “nice.”

The dictionary definition of “nice” is “pleasant, agreeable, satisfactory.” But the CampusLogic version of “nice” goes beyond that. We’re unwaveringly focused on doing our best to extend our kindness—and doing what’s best—for our colleagues and our customers.

Share Your Acts of Kindness

We are a team that celebrates our own #OneofaKindness every day. This year, on World Kindness Day, we’ll also be sharing our #ActsofKindness with the rest of the world via social media.

Join us! Whether you pay-forward a cup of coffee, compliment a stranger, or pick up litter at the nearby park, let us know your own #ActsofKindness.

Happy World Kindness Day 2017!

How Our #OneofaKindness Impacts the FinAid Community


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