PSSSSSST: the new CampusLogic sticker design is out!

At CampusLogic, our hashtag is #wemakefinaid awesome. It’s a message we believe in: that we are part of a larger community of individuals, organizations, and innovators who strive daily to make the Financial Aid experience more awesome for students and staff.

But the “we” community that CampusLogic is part of doesn’t exist without a lot of “I” efforts. We know that tens of thousands of daily interactions with FinAid office employees around the country are what matter. Each student who gets into college and persists to graduation impacts more than just his or her own life; they have potential to impact the lives of generations who follow them. Our I make financial aid awesome! sticker was created to thank each and every individual person who works within FinAid to make great things possible for students.

The Original Sticker

The I make financial aid awesome! sticker has turned up in pictures on laptops, car windows, office cubicle walls, and on books. And we often get requests from Financial Aid offices for extra stickers. Here’s the original design:


The 2016 Sticker

This year, we’ve decided to change it up. Today, we’re excited to release the new design, with artwork aligned with our #FinAidSuperhero NASFAA theme.


Sticker 2016


We’re unveiling the design today, but the first place you can get a copy of this year’s sticker will be at Booth #407 at NASFAA. Be sure to stop by!

 Read about CampusLogic’s 2016 NASFAA Experience >

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