Serving Others Is the Mission for These Two Veterans


We are extremely proud of the military veterans among us at CampusLogic. To celebrate Veterans Day this year, we asked teammates Amanda Lee and Lauren Baca to share their thoughts about their service—and how those experiences eventually drew them to our organization.

“Oohrah” Veteran Not at All What You’d Expect

USMC veteran Lauren BacaYou’d probably never expect these words to come out of Lauren Baca’s mouth: “After high school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to accomplish. So, I picked the Marine Corps because I knew it was going to be an extremely challenging experience and I wanted to be able to say I earned that elite title so few hold—and even fewer women.”

With her slight build and soft-spoken demeanor, the CampusLogic staff accountant seems the physical antithesis of your typical “Oohrah” Marine. Internally, however, that fire blazes brightly.

“Loyalty, dependability, and integrity—the foundation of every Marine—are some of the most critical values that I hold myself accountable to,” she says. “My time in the Marines helped refine my personal values and taught me, time and again, how short and precious life can be.”

She served four years in the USMC. Lauren originally used her GI Bill to get started in nursing school—but learned she preferred accounting and earned her business degree instead. Her husband is also a Marine and is completing his degree with military tuition benefits, too.

From Supporting the Troops to Supporting CampusLogic IT

Army veteran Amanda LeeAmanda Lee served in the Army for nine years as a Microwave Systems Operator/Maintainer (“No, not the kind of microwave in your kitchen,” she jokes.)

She was stationed in Okinawa, South Korea, Germany, and North Carolina. “At every duty station, I was part of a team that maintained mission-critical communications for troops overseas in combat. Our brothers- and sisters-in-arms’ lives depended on us on a daily basis.”

The CampusLogic systems administrator says she completed college while serving, and has been able to transfer her Post 9/11 GI Bill to her oldest daughter’s college fund.

An Overarching Sense of Service Among Our Veterans

Lauren attended a college that uses CampusLogic products—and saw, firsthand, how they made student financial services so much easier. “Part of who I am is serving and helping those in need in a behind-the-scenes way,” she says. “Working at CampusLogic means that I can play a small part in serving students who need guidance in the convoluted world of financial aid.”

After transitioning to civilian life, Amanda says she was immediately drawn to CampusLogic, “because of its purpose, to ‘help schools change lives.’”

Even though she’s no longer in the military, “I still want to help people—and make an impact on the world in some way,” she adds. “Here at CampusLogic, I’m able to do that. I love supporting people who make FinAid awesome by making the process of going to school a little bit easier.”

Adds Lauren: “My husband and I believe that an educated society is a stronger society. Education, by way of the GI Bill, continues to allow veterans to be good stewards of our local and global community.”

Thank you, Lauren and Amanda—and all veterans—for your service, and for your continued stewardship beyond active duty.

Our Values Are Part of Our DNA


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