Software Engineer Alicia Davis Finds a Perfect Fit


Alicia Davis wasn’t looking for a new job when CampusLogic founder and CEO Gregg Scoresby reached out to her on LinkedIn. Software engineers, like her, get numerous queries from random recruiters all the time. And, like her colleagues, she had developed a reflex to not respond.

“But Gregg’s message caught my eye because it said ‘Making Financial Aid Awesome,’” she recalls.

It turns out Davis was previously a financial aid advisor. “I hadn’t even put that experience on my LinkedIn page because I had transitioned careers—into software development,” she says. “And frankly, I didn’t think there would ever be any exciting opportunities surrounding FinAid.”

Software Engineer, Alicia Davis

Software Engineer, Alicia Davis and her husband, Derrick.

Serendipity Strikes

From Scoresby’s message, however, she learned that: 1) CampusLogic is, indeed, a financial aid Software-as-a-Service (Saas) company; 2) It uses all the programming languages in which she’s fluent; and, 3) Its overarching purpose is to help schools change students’ lives through cutting-edge technology.

“It was as if someone created this job just for me,” Davis muses. She joined the team in early 2016. “I couldn’t imagine a better fit.”

Changing Lives and Writing Code

She recalls her three years in the FinAid office fondly, noting, “I got to hear about how going to college was changing my students’ lives. People were creating amazing opportunities for themselves and their families, and I got to be a part of that. It gave me a real sense of purpose.”

Software developers, however, don’t generally get that kind of interaction—something Davis realized she missed when she kicked off her career in IT. “While fascinating, it didn’t have the same ripple effect in society as helping someone further their education,” she says.

“Now, I have the best of both worlds,” she adds. “I get to do what I love while knowing that it’s helping people.”

From Skeptic to Advocate

For Davis, one of the most surprising things about working at CampusLogic this past year is how effortless the student verification process can be. “That was always a pain point,” she remembers. “From a student’s point of view, it can seem daunting—when going to college is already a daunting process.”

She continues, “I was skeptical that there was a program dynamic enough to handle some of the financial aid scenarios I had seen. But sure enough, StudentFormsSM can handle all of those weird situations. The step-by-step process breaks verification into more bite-sized pieces—which is ingenious.”

Insights From Our FinAid Insider

Davis senses that an overarching misconception Financial Aid Offices have is that CampusLogic replaces Student Information Systems (SIS). “That’s just not the case,” she explains. “We integrate with those platforms—and maximize the value schools see from their SIS investment. CampusLogic helps smooth out the financial aid process even more. I’ve worked quite a bit on our CLConnect integration product, and am proud to say that we’ve been able to get some schools completely integrated within a day’s time.”

She also says that if she could evangelize the CampusLogic message among her former colleagues in the FinAid office, she would tell them, “It’s a must-try.”

“I would have killed for this when I was a finance advisor,” she quips. “Financial aid software really can be awesome.”

It’s her job, now, to make sure.

Looking for your perfect fit? Learn more about career opportunities at CampusLogic.

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