Top 10 Reads of 2014 by CampusLogic


Amid all the vague, recycled, re-purposed articles that clog the Internet are true gems for every industry and interest, including financial aid. These rare articles give proven advice, inform and educate and may even make you laugh – in other words they have value.

With that in mind, we compiled a countdown of our 10 most valuable blogs of 2014. Which will be #1?

10. How to Hire the Right Financial Aid Director

We asked FA directors to weigh in on what they think is the best interview question to ask to determine whether an applicant is a fit for the position. Their answers may surprise you. Read more.

9. Why Self-service Should Be Colleges’ Top Priority

Millennials – who comprise about 87% of the student population – are a self-service generation. It’s time schools start paying attention to the tech habits and expectations of this powerful generation. Read more.

8. Your Financial Aid Career Guide

Financial aid rookies to veterans, job seekers to the joyfully employed…here is your source for financial aid career success. Read more.

7. AwardLetter: A Resolution to NASFAA’s Ethical Dilemma

The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) released an article exploring the transparency, language, regulations and purpose of award letters, featuring the perspectives of three financial aid directors and a case study. This is our response (link to the NASFAA article included). Read more.

6. 4 Reasons Your College Loses Enrollments

Each year, students are admitted to college who don’t ever make it to class. Find out why your school loses enrollments so you can salvage students’ dreams and reach enrollment goals. Read more.

 5. How to Use LinkedIn to Advance Your Financial Aid Career

10 tips for being legendary on LinkedIn. Read more.

4. FSA Announces Verification Violations a Top Finding of Audits & Program Reviews

Federal Student Aid (FSA) released its lists of Top 10 Audit and Program Review Findings at the 2014 FSA Training Conference in November. On both lists, the category “verification violations” was among the top 5. Read more.

3. An Open Letter to Students from a Financial Aid Counselor

We care about you. We’re here to help. Be kind. Do your part. We’re partners. These are some of the things financial aid counselors would want students to hear. Read more.

2. 2015 Must-attend Events in Financial Aid

Get your calendar primed and ready for these big financial aid events, including the national, regional and larger state association conferences, SIS trainings and others. Read more.

1. Top 11 Metrics Every Financial Aid Director Should Be Measuring

There are countless metrics financial aid directors could measure. We picked 11 of the most important to explore for you. Read more.

Happy New Year!

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