What Do Taylor Swift and CampusLogic have in Common?


 Both Taylor Swift and CampusLogic lower student debt.

You remember when we announced that we partnered with Western Governors University to help reduce their students’ borrowing by 39%? Who knew a music superstar would be inspired by us. Taylor Swift has followed in CampusLogic’s footsteps by also putting a dent in student debt.

The Taylor Swift Approach

One superfan of Swift’s, Rebekah Bortnicker, recently found herself the recipient of a package from the singer, including a necklace, a painting by Swift, photographs and a check for $1989.00.

The check was sent to help the Rebekah pay off student loans, a feat that recently became difficult when the fan lost her job. Rebekah fretted on social media about not being able to afford her loan payment, and Taylor Swift came to the rescue with a check in the amount of her new cd title, 1989.

[Tweet “#TaylorSwift effectively reduces fan’s student debt. Find out why!”]

The CampusLogic Approach

Concern over student loan debt issue grows in the U.S. but few are doing more than point fingers. At CampusLogic, we took action by creating AwardLetter, a software platform that helps schools reduce students’ unnecessary borrowing. AwardLetter gives schools the tools to educate their students (and students’ parents) on responsible borrowing, and it has proven successful. The Western Governors University student body borrowed 39% less after the school adopted AwardLetter last year, even as enrollment increased by 18%.

We believe those who want an education should have one and can do so without going into insurmountable debt. This is why we persist in streamlining financial aid processes with software that saves both the schools and students money.

The T.Swift & CampusLogic Partnership

We hope this isn’t the last time Taylor Swift collaborates with us on our goals. Perhaps Taylor Swift can lend her media skills and impressive social following to help CampusLogic move all student services in the cloud in order to improve student experience, lower school administration costs and simplify the entire college process. Just like Taylor Swift, we have this to say to unnecessary student debt, We are never, ever, ever getting back together.


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