Why Use CampusLogic? These 12 Unique Advantages, For Starters

Stereotypes are made to be broken—in the case of FinAid, we feel it’s time to smash the stereotypical complicated, time-consuming, mind-numbing student experience to bits. Financial aid services at your school can be easy. Easy to manage, complete, analyze, report on, and act on. Simple, mobile, personalized financial aid makes life easier for everyone. Here’s how we do it:

ONE PLATFORM to solve your biggest FA problems.

Low financial aid completion rates, inability to act on financial aid data about your student population, award letters that are difficult to understand and limited in design—lots of things impact enrollment. Wish you could fix all of these things with one financial aid platform? Wish granted!

The CampusLogic advantage:

  1. StudentForms, CampusMetrics, and AwardLetter in ONE platform
  2. Dynamic web forms based on ISIR logic for verification, professional judgments, SAP appeals, and any other FA form
  3. Automatic updates for compliance with Regulatory Changes
  4. World-class security with data encryption, IP tracking and available two-step authentication
  5. Multi-tenant = IT doesn’t need to install, maintain, or upgrade software

TL;DR Version (Too long, didn’t read version): We safeguard your data, only ask the questions students should be answering, and make the entire experience easy-peasy fully guided on mobile.

THE BEST (hands down) student experience.

Paperwork, fax machines, snail mail … your students live on their phones. #seriously. They want a mobile financial aid experience that rivals the one they already get banking, Instagramming, taking classes online, shopping on Amazon. If you ditch the paper, they will log on. In droves.

The CampusLogic advantage:

  1. Secure document upload from any device
  2. Personalized, online task management
  3. Compliant e-signature for students and parents
  4. Automated follow-up between the FA office and students, including SMS/text messaging

TL;DR Version: Every single action a student or parent needs to take to complete financial aid can be done digitally via CampusLogic. On a phone. Or tablet. Or laptop, if you want to be old-school.


We can see you rolling your eyes. We’ve proven time and again that implementation can be fast and painless. We’ll get you up and running in 30 days or less with Single Sign-On, Student Information System, and Imaging System integration. No one else can say (and prove) that.

The CampusLogic advantage:

  1. Student portal Single Sign-On integration
  2. Imaging system integration with automatic indexing
  3. Configurable SIS integration and ISIR processing

TL;DR Version: We synch with all your systems, to whatever level you’re comfortable with. And we’ve got the references to prove it, including Banner, PeopleSoft, Colleague, CampusVue and other SIS integrations.

Simple, mobile, personalized financial aid makes life easier for everyone.

CampusLogic’s platform was born in the Cloud with all of the advantages that come with it – fast deployment, automatic upgrades, minimal IT support needed. Our customers increase enrollment by simplifying financial aid processes, acting on financial aid data instantly, and modernizing award letters. With 50+ customers nation-wide and 300,000 students actively using the CampusLogic platform, we’re the leader in student engagement for financial aid. And there’s a dozen reason for that (and counting).

Download our awesome 12 Reasons flyer here >

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