Your Financial Aid Career Guide


We’ve got your financial aid career advice covered from the top the bottom. Financial aid rookies to veterans, job seekers to the joyfully employed…here is your source for financial aid career success.

For the Financial Aid Rookie

Navigating Your Financial Aid Career: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

Are you new to the financial aid (FA) community? Could you use some advice on how to navigate your way to becoming an FA expert and managing your future career in FA? Robert Weinert, Jr., veteran of the industry, delivers proven tips for jettisoning your new career. Read his advice here.

Financial Aid Glossary for Newbies: Acronyms You Should Know

As a financial aid newbie, you have a mountain of information to learn to maintain compliance and perform your job. That’s why CampusLogic staffers compiled this quickie cheat sheet to help you keep track of the main financial aid acronyms you’ll come across. Get the glossary here.

For the Financial Aid Veteran

How to Use LinkedIn to Advance Your Financial Aid Career

Are you using LinkedIn to your fullest potential? With 100 million of your fellow Americans displaying their professional pedigree on LinkedIn, it’s time to ask yourself why you’re not. Nobody is exempt from the necessity of a LinkedIn profile, not even FA industry veterans. Find out why here.

For the Financial Aid Director Job Seeker

Now Hiring! Tips for Acing the Interview for Financial Aid Director

Whether you’re interviewing for your first Financial Aid Director job or you’ve been in the position for years, you’ll find actionable advice in this blog for the modern day FA director. Check out our tips on how to ace your financial aid director interview and land the job of your dreams. Get the scoop here, or get insight into potential interview questions here.

For the New Financial Aid Director

So You Wanna Be a Financial Aid Director Superstar?

You landed the job. Now what? We’ve got you covered with these top traits of the financial aid director superstars. And you can trust our advice; we’ve worked with hundreds of directors. Find out what makes the great ones great here.

Sharing is Caring

What advice do you have for other FA professionals? What has contributed to your success? What lessons do you wish you’d learned earlier?

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