StudentForms Product Brief


Complicated, manual, generic student financial services create barriers to student enrollment and retention putting higher education’s life-changing possibilities out of reach. Many students simply drop out of the process especially first-generation, low-income students—with 40% failing to enroll in college because of the complexity of the process itself. It’s time to prioritize students over processes.

Boost Efficiencies with a Mobile, Engaging FA Experience

Manual, paper-based student financial services are inefficient. StudentForms drives FA office productivity, reducing time spent on verification, SAP Appeals, PJs and c code resolution through paperless file review. Conflicting information is highlighted, eliminating the data entry necessary to generate ISIR corrections. Automated student follow-up via text and email reduces time spent chasing students to complete critical tasks.

Mobile FinAid: What Your Students Really REALLY Want

Students today are used to mobile, online communications—they aren’t used to waiting for information. Often bringing as many as seven internet-connected devices to campus with them, your FinAid needs to mobile-up to grab students’ attention. StudentForms delivers with e-signature, text updates on where they are in the process, and document upload from any device.




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