ScholarshipUniverse Product Brief


More than 3 million students drop out of college each year due to financial constraints. One reason: Poor organization and access to scholarships—when a smoother path to the right scholarship could have made all the difference.

Complete Scholarship Management from Matching to Awarding

Flexible enough to meet the needs of decentralized processes across colleges, departments, and foundations, ScholarshipUniverse streamlines all aspects of scholarship management and automates follow-up communications. And, like the entire CampusLogic student financial services platform, ScholarshipUniverse is designed to extend the value of your Student Information System.

Student-First Scholarship Management

With a single source for institutional and vetted external scholarships, ScholarshipUniverse delivers relevant funding opportunities for each student. Banish students’ scholarship fatigue with our proprietary adaptive matching engine that identifies relevant scholarships 24/7—tailored to each student’s unique goals, and life situation. The entire scholarship application process—essay submissions, recommendation requests, deadline reminders—is transparently managed by your students from a mobile portal.






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