Break Through Budget Barriers to Get the Student Financial Services Technology You Need [On-Demand Webinar]


It’s not a dream: You really can overcome objections and get the budget needed for new technology. Just ask the three CampusLogic customers who served as panelists at our March webinar, “Break Through Budget Barriers to Get the Student Financial Services Technology You Need.”

Key to their success? Creating a strategy that makes sense to the entire institution. They say that when you frame a business case with proven return on investment and benefits that go beyond your own office, the people making budget decisions are more likely to listen—and act.

Sharing Success Stories

The harsh realities of budget cuts and “doing more with less” are pain points that unite FinAid pros across the country. Helping one another find relief is an even more meaningful way to bond. Mike Miller, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Services at University of California-Santa Barbara; Jennifer Buckles, Director of Financial Aid from The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga; and Andrea Caputo, Program Manager—Quality Assurance & Compliance, Cuyahoga Community College shared personal experiences from their battles for budget. Attendees were able to weigh in, too.

The Panel Discussion Included:
  • Why Student Financial Services Technology Matters
  • Acknowledging Budget Anxiety—and What to Do About it
  • Building Your Business Case with Proven ROI
  • Connecting Your Proposed Purchase to Other Campus Initiatives
  • How to Shop for SFS Technology

Attendees received an ebook that expands on these topics. They also got a downloadable buyers’ checklist. With these tools in hand, it’s much easier to see dreams become reality.

Get the info you need now and break through those budget barriers:

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Download the SFS Tech Buying Checklist >

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