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February 6, 2019

45% of students leave college without a degree—often saddled with thousands in student loan debt and no diploma to help them pay back the amount borrowed. Most of these students are low-income, first-generation, and minority students. These students face extra steps in an already complicated process and often have less support because they are the first in their family to navigate the process. One major hurdle is financial aid verification, a complex, outdated process—often involving multiple rounds of corrections sent back and forth via fax machines or snail mail—in which the student must prove they are eligible for aid. Over 25% of students never make it through verification. Instead they take on other forms of financing (think high-interest private loans) or drop out entirely. 

StudentForms removes barriers, especially for at-risk students, by guiding them through the entire verification process—from the device of their choice, 24/7

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Higher Education's Leaky Enrollment Funnel
Higher Education's Leaky Enrollment Funnel

Boost enrollment and retention by closing funnel holes during prospecting and financial aid.