12 Days of Devs

December 26, 2017 CampusLogic

With the holiday season upon us, it seemed like the perfect time to go behind the scenes of our student financial services platform and showcase some of the #awesome people who make it all possible.

Our full-stack developers are helping schools change lives, applying industry-leading Microsoft Tech Stack skills to student financial services processes. The CampusLogic software development team is one of the best in the industry.  More than that, this team is filled with some of the most brilliant, kind, and dedicated people in the industry. Ready to learn more about them?

What Do You Love Most About Your Team?

“Best software development team I have every worked with! Fast, adaptive and tenacious—there’s no problem that can’t be solved.”  —Chris Chumley, Chief Operations Officer

“Everyone on this team has a passion for what they do. They stay tuned-in to the industry to keep up with the latest and greatest.”  —Alicia Davis, Senior Software Engineer

“What I love most about my colleagues is that we’re calm and collected when things become stressful. It would be easy to let frustrations loose on one another. Instead, we’ve created a positive environment where innovation can thrive.”  —Anthony Webb, Software Engineer

“I think that deep down, we all share the same personality. We like a lot of the same things and I think it’s easy for us to talk to one another. It’s the reason why we’re in this field together.”  —Michael Macias, Product Manager

“They are all super-friendly and take care of each other!”  —Lei Zhang, Software Developer

“I can’t remember a day at work that I didn’t have fun. This team is able to laugh and enjoy our work no matter how many projects we’re juggling.”  —Clint Minter, Software Developer

“I love coming into work because my team is so supportive and fun to work with. I think of them more as friends than colleagues—and enjoy hanging out with them outside of work.”  —Josh Lincoln, Software Developer

“Everyone on the team is very willing to help each other out. This collaboration allows us to build a great product, and makes CampusLogic an awesome place to work!”  —Matt Sheffield, Product Analyst

What CampusLogic Platform Feature Do You Believe Drives the Most Value for Our Customers?

“I love that our platform is simple and mobile-friendly. Students today are on the go—and do most of their daily electronic usage on mobile devices. We’ve taken a complex process, simplified it, and made it available for them to do whenever they want, and wherever they are.”  —Jason Saunders, VP of Engineering

“I believe our custom forms capability in StudentForms drives the most value. It allows us to better serve schools who otherwise can’t use the product because they need to collect specific documents during the review process. It even benefits schools that don’t need it for review, since we can make any type of documents that aren’t necessarily financial aid related.” —Tony Ortega, Senior Software Engineer

What Do You Feel Is the Most Underused Tech Feature on Our Platform?

AutoReconciliation is our best kept secret.”  —Juan Reza, Senior Software Engineer

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