3 SaaS Startups From #yesPHX and Why I Love Them

December 22, 2016 Gregg Scoresby


I started CampusLogic because I knew that the world needed a software platform that would make the entire student financial aid experience mobile, simple, and personalized. I’ve spent 20 years around the student finance function so I understood the pain felt by schools and students. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. But I knew that if we could get it right, it would be transformative. I knew that we could truly help schools change lives. And that’s pretty awesome.

While CampusLogic is doing something unique in higher education, we are actually part of a much broader story. There are great teams everywhere building game-changing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products that solve big, industry-specific problems. I love seeing passionate founders build great B2B SaaS companies that are making a real difference.

I especially love seeing that happen here in Arizona. So, I recently interviewed three members of the #yesPHX community—local B2B SaaS-founder friends who have built solid products that are disrupting three diverse industries: Health care, auto parts, and public relations.

Allow me to introduce you to these awesome innovators…

A Visit With Three SaaS Superstars

Ibrahim, Bret, and Aly, thanks for your time. You’ve each become innovators and leaders in your verticals with your unique SaaS offerings. Tell me a little more about your companies—and what problems you aim to solve. 

Revolution Parts CEO Ibrahim MesbahIbrahim Mesbah, RevolutionParts Co-Founder and CEO: RevolutionParts makes it easy for auto dealerships to sell auto parts online—by providing all the tools dealerships need to thrive in a competitive digital market.


CEO Bret Larsen

Bret Larsen, eVisit Co-founder and CEO: eVisit is a telehealth software platform that helps healthcare practices and hospital systems extend a positive brand experience between patients and providers through two-way HIPAA-compliant video.


IrisPR CEO Aly Saxe

Aly Saxe, IrisPR Founder and CEO: IrisPR provides the PR industry with a SaaS platform that helps improve PR outcomes, streamline workflows, access data and insights on PR performance, and connects media relationships and PR wins to measurable business results.


How are you differentiating your companies from the competition? What’s your secret?

Mesbah, RevolutionParts: We empower dealerships to be successful online and to focus on parts sales without having to deal with the “techy” details—like managing updates to a large catalog of 300,000+ SKUs, payment gateways, order fulfillment, fraud prevention, etc. Our software provides dealers with powerful, user-friendly tools—that are easy to learn—so they can automate most of the online selling process.

Larsen, eVisit: The eVisit platform leads to increased patient flow (i.e., reduced no-shows)—and improved revenue—within the providers’ patient population and market. But that’s just the beginning: We place a ton of emphasis on the customer experience that’s delivered beyond the software—which is something I don’t think is emphasized enough in software development. We’re so confident in the impact eVisit offers that we even have a 30-day money-back guarantee if improved ROI isn’t immediately experienced.

Saxe, IrisPR: We’re the only software of our kind built exclusively for PR teams. Our performance data gives brands visibility into their PR investment so they can get the most bang for their PR buck.

Someone once asked me why I was uniquely qualified to lead CampusLogic. I pointed to my financial aid industry experience as well as my belief that anything is possible (including one day improving upon my terrible jump shot)…What’s your leadership story

Mesbah, RevolutionParts:  We found our “niche” after I and co-founder, Andreas Ronneseth, took on a consulting project—and increased a local dealership’s online parts sales tenfold. Using our eCommerce expertise from our days at PayPal, we saw a huge opportunity to bring a fresh approach to running a parts business in the digital era—and continued to improve our online software.

Larsen, eVisit: I’m hungry. Healthcare has huge problems—and while eVisit isn’t a panacea, it’s doing wonders to directly address the issues. To me, the team matters most. I’ve spent 100% of my time and effort attracting a team that “gets” the vision and understands where we’re going and why. At eVisit, we have physicians who’ve practiced for 20+ years leave clinical medicine, team members with JD/MBAs who’ve walked away from corporate law, and others who’ve left Fortune 75 companies like Honeywell, JP Morgan, and more. Why? People want to feel like they’re contributing, in a meaningful way, to a winning team that has purpose and impact. I’ve been fortunate enough to attract people who deliver on that every day.

Saxe, IrisPR: I sought to scratch my own itch. In 2007, I founded Ubiquity PR, a boutique PR agency that provided strategic services to high-growth B2B tech companies like Infusionsoft, Armor, WebPT, and SocialWhirled. As the agency grew, I became more and more frustrated with the chaos of managing our activity, outcomes, and key relationships across a myriad of docs and spreadsheets. I knew there had to be a better way to track performance and report on value. In 2011, I took matters into my own hands and built IrisPR. It was our own, internal, “special sauce” until we launched in 2014.

It’s exciting to profile you three—and to learn more about your unique journeys into developing SaaS solutions that are shaking things up. What does success, for startups like yours, look like today?

Mesbah, RevolutionParts:  We’ve more than doubled every year since 2013—in revenue, customer base, and team size. Today, we partner with more than 600 dealerships across the U.S. and Canada, and power over $14,000,000 in parts sales every month through our platform.

Larsen, eVisit: With just a fraction of time in-market, we’ve grown to be a category leader in both customer count and patient engagement. We’ve experienced over 738% growth, year-to-date.

Saxe, IrisPR: Ours is the first tool of its kind for the public relations industry and we doubled revenue in our first year, post-funding. Today, with customers all over the world, our powerful platform is used by all types of PR pros—from small agencies to Fortune 100 companies. We’re growing 100% ever quarter right now.

Bret, Aly, and Ibrahim, thanks for sharing your time and your story. You are each such a great example of applying passion, skills, and experience to solve big industry problems that you know a lot about. And you’re doing it in the middle of the B2B SaaS explosion happening here in Arizona—and all over the world.

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