Beyond the Financial Aid Office: VirtualAdvisor Does It All

Not your average chatbot 

VirtualAdvisor’s capabilities extend far beyond the reach of a traditional chatbot. Powered by AI and harmonized with student information systems, VirtualAdvisor personalizes interactions between students and financial aid offices in real-time.  

With seamless integration to college and university systems and the CampusLogic platform, VirtualAdvisor is both highly personalized and optimized to achieve individual and institutional goals.  

Schools that utilize the platform have an unparalleled ability to advise across departments. This means staff members system-wide can use actionable data tied to the student experience. And who doesn’t love process improvements? AI paired with SIS continuously optimizes conversations with the solution. And that just scratches the surface. When powered to its fullest capabilities, VirtualAdvisor is a solution that can be used across the college campus by students and staff, alike. 

An advisor in students’ pockets

What would happen if every college student had a supportive financial aid, enrollment, retention and student success advisor solely dedicated to their financial success? Well, ask colleges that have implemented VirtualAdvisor. Using AI, VirtualAdvisor gets smarter with every conversation and answers more than just answer FAQs.  

“VirtualAdvisor knows the students,” says Demarus Crawford White, VP of Student Success at Central State University, a historically Black land-grant institution in Wilberforce, Ohio. 

Staff win with VirtualAdvisor, too.

Ask any financial aid pro, and they’ll tell you that the best part of their job is working one-on-one with students and seeing them walk across the stage at graduation.  

There aren’t many higher ed experts whose favorite part of their job is answering frequently asked questions or deescalating frustrated students who need help answering basic financial aid questions. That’s where VirtualAdvisor comes in. Staff at Central State University employed VirtualAdvisor for students and found that it was the most welcome addition to their campus. 

James Cosby, Senior Financial Aid Advisor at Central State University describes how VirtualAdvisor has eased staff burden and increased knowledge among students: “For us, it helped us navigate a period where we were having issues with our call center. It has lowered our email volume considerably. And it has just increased our students’ knowledge of deadlines.” 

Your staff and your students are ready for VirtualAdvisor 

VirtualAdvisor goes beyond the traditional chatbot to provide an unparalleled experience for staff and students, across your campus. Utilize the tool’s knowledge base, leverage its powerful AI capabilities and explore its features to support every department at your school; every student, every staff member, every day.

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