CampusCommunicator Exceeds Today’s Student Engagement Needs with Clear, Action-Oriented Engagements

September 15, 2021, Phoenix, Ariz.CampusLogic, higher education’s only comprehensive Student Financial Success platform, today announces a major update to its dynamic communications solution, CampusCommunicator. This critical software evolution combats two of the top challenges facing institutions: rising summer melt rates and manual support costs.

Unlike email marketing tools, CampusCommunicator is a multi-touch engagement solution that equips students with clear next steps to enroll, obtain funding and complete critical forms. Upgrades to the solution include two new engagement packages of digital engagements designed to resolve specific friction points in the student journey. The first, CampusCommunicator for Enrollment, helps students move seamlessly through the enrollment funnel to matriculation. The second, CampusCommunicator for Financial Aid, reduces comprehension issues and guides students to complete the financial aid process. Both options help schools reduce student support costs and lower melt rates.

CampusLogic’s research confirms CampusCommunicator’s usability, versatility and impact on both the staff and student experience.

  • Customers see an average of 42 percent reduction in student questions about the communications they receive.
  • Three out of four customers say CampusCommunicator increased their students' understanding of financial aid.
  • A majority of students surveyed said CampusCommunicator, as compared to other communications solutions, is clearer and makes it easier to understand their next steps.

“The upgrades we’ve made to CampusCommunicator are more than incremental improvements,” said Chris Chumley, CampusLogic’s President and COO. “The new product goes several steps further than what today’s students have come to expect. It bridges enrollment and financial aid communications and streamlines two offices that play vital roles in achieving strategic institutional goals.”

One of CampusCommunicator’s key differentiators is its ability to connect students to appropriate and helpful resources at every engagement point they have with their institution. Students are driven towards important next steps by way of easy-to-understand calls to action that complete enrollment and financial aid processes.

The new options enable an end-to-end enrollment and financial aid solution. This functionality is critical as institutions welcome Gen Z students onto their campuses, many of whom face financial barriers that have historically hindered enrollment, retention and completion rates.

CampusCommunicator’s key new features include:

  • Research-backed design. Institutions will have access to CampusLogic’s expansive educational resource library and customizable content to align with the school’s specific needs.
  • Around-the-clock support. By sending engagements automatically to students, institutional support increases, while manual costs drop. A virtual assistant is embedded into every engagement, which provides students with around-the-clock connection and precise answers to their questions.
  • Expansion of insight library. Data-driven insights allow higher ed leaders to pinpoint student engagement trends, from the moment they deposit to receiving their award offer.

“Too many students are lost due to complex processes and confusion,” Chumley notes. “CampusLogic has been combating this for 10 years, and personalization has been critical to that work. Our solutions simplify, digitize and personalize the enrollment and financial aid journey. CampusCommunicator is a key component to this mission, and the updated solution meets the current and future needs of both staff and the students they serve.”

About CampusLogic
CampusLogic delivers SaaS technology that helps hundreds of colleges and universities remove barriers in the financial aid process. A team of dedicated Student Financial Success professionals works with nearly 800 schools to increase enrollment, retention and graduation rates with the most comprehensive suite of student financial success products. CampusLogic has received multiple awards, which include the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Inc. 5000, SIIA CODiE Awards, and Education Technology Insights Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider. To learn more about CampusLogic, visit

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