CampusLogic Internships: Relevant Work Experience and a Career Launchpad

April 5, 2018 CampusLogic

How do you get relevant work experience when you’re just entering the workplace? It’s a common refrain from college students; recent grads even more so. Career-changers often ask the same question. How do you get experience when no one will hire you because you don’t have experience?


Hiring the Right Intern Is Less About Resumes, More About Passion

Getting an internship is often as competitive as applying for a full-time job. The good news: Internship-seekers are afforded a bit more leniency on their resumes regarding relevant experience. But there are still high expectations on the hiring side, in terms of finding the ideal candidates.

“Our interns are hired more for their desire to be active learners and participants; for a values-fit that intersects with our purpose and core values,” says Leticia Gastelum, CampusLogic Director of People Operations. Once in the door, interns have an opportunity to learn the ropes in a somewhat forgiving environment where everyone knows they’re inexperienced. These part-time jobs help many college students realize a higher return on investment from their degree studies. And sometimes they serve as auditions for full-time opportunities.

CampusLogic Internships Require Full Participation

Interning isn’t (or shouldn’t be) just about making coffee and copies for the next meeting. At CampusLogic, interns’ workloads include a steady mix of skill development, project management, and fun—all infused with the company’s #oneofakindness.

“What drew me to CampusLogic was the chance to be thrown into the deep end,” says Mitch Anhoury, a former sales analyst intern. “There was a lot of trust from my supervisors to bring solutions to the table—and plenty of opportunities to tackle some meaty projects.” The 2017 Arizona State University (ASU) grad now works at Axon (formerly Taser).

One of the earliest interns at CampusLogic, Adlaai Stelung, worked on the accounting and finance team during the 2015–16 school year, “just as the company was landing its Series A funding and was on the way up,” he recalls. Today, the ASU graduate works at He says that the business—and interpersonal—skills he learned during his internship translate directly to his current job. “I really enjoyed the [CampusLogic] community,” he adds. “It remains my favorite work experience.”

Interns’ Auditions Often Turn into Job Offers

Working side-by-side with highly experienced, full-time colleagues helped two recent software development interns secure full-time jobs at CampusLogic. In a full-stack environment, both Josh Lincoln and Sean Scott were able to take on a wide range of responsibilities. Adding Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to the CampusLogic platform was a memorable project for Josh, whose position was converted to full time in June 2017. Sean says he is proudest of the API integrations he helped develop for a large university system while interning. He joined #teamawesome as a full-time contributor in August 2017.

“This place has an awesome work environment,” Josh says. “The team is full of great devs. The work you get to do, even as an intern, is meaningful—and can be seen in any product you get the chance to work on.”

Career-Changers Can Sample the Future

For Sam (Samantha) Rapp, the opportunity to try out a new career was compelling enough for her to pursue a part-time internship with the CampusLogic marketing team.

The former high school art teacher was looking to branch out; to start making art rather than teaching it. She says interning was the best way to put her new graphic-design skills to work—and to develop a portfolio, since she didn’t have any previous work samples. “I was afraid I’d miss that feeling of helping future generations as a teacher,” she says. “I was therefore ecstatic when I saw the internship posting at CampusLogic, where the company’s purpose is to help schools change lives.”

Joining the marketing team in August 2017, Sam is the company’s first in-house graphic designer. Her work included bringing the CampusLogic Brand Book to life, supporting more than 40 trade shows…and drawing an intricate Hogwarts castle, freehand, on a huge whiteboard. The University of Arizona graduate accepted a full-time job offer in January 2018.

Internships Sometimes Mean Finding the Right Fit

Just like at most organizations, not all CampusLogic internships lead to full-time offers, and not all interns are looking for permanence. For some, a three- six- or even 12-month stint is just one experience among many that can help workplace newcomers try out an industry or a new vertical while building their resumes. Both Renee Johnson and Maddy Ryan interned in the marketing department in 2015–16 and 2016–17, respectively, then moved on to other internships and eventual full-time jobs at advertising agencies in Santa Monica and Chicago.

In their internships, Sasha Robinson and Makenna Fisher had opportunities to try out the fields they thought they enjoyed—only to find an even better fit in different roles at CampusLogic.

Makenna interned with the accounting and finance team during the 2016–17 academic year. Always willing to lend a hand, she filled other roles when needed. Organizing a company-wide volunteer day ranks as her favorite project during her internship, and the experience inspired an extraordinary change of direction for her future. Today, she’s pursuing a master’s degree focused in human resource management (also known as “People Ops” at CampusLogic).

Sasha learned that she loved People Ops, too. She started at CampusLogic in August 2015 as the company’s first-ever intern, working in the marketing department. But before long, she recognized a need she knew she could fill: Manager of People Ops. While still a full-time student at ASU, she served as the only member of the HR team, bootstrapping the recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes from scratch as the company grew from 18 employees to 80.

“As a Millennial, I wanted to work somewhere with a true purpose and values system. CampusLogic has it all,” Sasha says. Today, supported and mentored by new people ops leadership, she continues to evolve in the role she created.

A CampusLogic Internship Means Diving Right In—Starting with the Job Hunt

Testing the workplace waters helps interns discover or refine career interests and adds relevance to resumes. But even before the job offer, interns also get real-world experience in the nuanced art of job-seeking, says Bari Richardson, a product marketing intern.

“Going through interview processes for internships can be stressful—but also very rewarding,” she says. “My experiences have allowed me to better understand my strengths, areas for growth, and to gain overall confidence. Applying for an internship at CampusLogic highlighted the importance of utilizing job search tools, such as LinkedIn, in order to be a more competitive applicant.”

Along with product marketing intern Alex Schreck, both ASU students are knee-deep in research, planning, and supporting an upcoming major product launch.

“As a student, I’m on a quest to gain insights and build a strong network in the business world,” Alex says. “There is no better way to prepare for my future than by pursuing internships in fields that I am growing more passionate about with each experience. Our team definitely encourages both personal and professional growth.”

Internships Are a Learning Experience with Life-Changing Benefits 

Everyone has to start somewhere, and internships seem to be the first building blocks of many successful careers. They might lead to a full-time offer, or they might help some determine that what they thought was their dream career is, in reality, more of a nightmare. Some use each internship as a stepping stone, or an opportunity to build a resume or strengthen a portfolio. One thing is certain: It’s all a great learning experience that pays.

Take it from Makenna: “If you’re interested in working hard, gaining rewarding experience, being challenged, having amazing colleagues and managers, like to have fun at work, and align with CampusLogic values and purpose—I highly recommend you apply!”

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