[Press Release] CampusLogic Releases AI-Powered VirtualAdvisor to Deliver Personalized Financial Aid Answers to Every Student

(PHOENIX, AZ, June 25, 2020)—CampusLogic, higher education’s student financial success category leader, today announces the broad release of its newest product, VirtualAdvisor. Currently being used by more than 30 institutions, VirtualAdvisor is much more than a chatbot. Powered by AI, it customizes the entire student financial aid experience. Colleges and universities that use VirtualAdvisor can provide fast, personalized answers to routine student questions about financial aid, whenever and wherever students need them. 

“If a student asks a chatbot what scholarships they qualify for, or what is their current balance or GPA, they will not get a real answer. Instead, they will get a generic definition of a term or links to related articles. That’s just kicking the can down the road without actually answering the real question,” explained Chris Chumley, COO at CampusLogic. “But because VirtualAdvisor is integrated with the student information system and CampusLogic products, students will instantly get personalized answers like the number of scholarships they qualify for, and much more. Financial aid advisors can spend more one-on-one time with at-risk students, and fewer students will withdraw due to lack of access to financial resources.” 

While CampusLogic has been developing VirtualAdvisor for two years, the timing of its broadened release with expanded features coincides with the urgent need schools now have to do even more with less—whether on campus or in a completely virtual workspace. Amidst COVID-19 concerns, schools are facing a crush of questions, and the advanced AI technology that powers VirtualAdvisor provides an immediate solution to reduce or eliminate a majority of routine student questions that cannot be satisfied by standard chatbots. 

CampusLogic recently tasked students with answering a routine financial aid question using the varying levels of technology provided by their different schools. While some became frustrated and took longer to find answers, the student using VirtualAdvisor was able to locate the answer to the question in seconds. Watch the video here

Amy Glynn, Vice President of Student Financial Success at CampusLogic, said, “It’s no secret that financial aid teams are often overwhelmed with work and that many students are left without the answers they need. We've seen schools implement chatbots, add resources to their websites, and more, but they don't accomplish what VirtualAdvisor does. VirtualAdvisor connects students to the information they actually need, in a way that's personalized for their journey." 

Recent CampusLogic studies have shown that students spend varying amounts of time searching for answers to routine financial aid questions, depending on the technology offered by their institution. From several minutes interacting with chatbots that give generic answers, to searching through pages of irrelevant information on websites, the frustration level grows with dead ends, wasted hours, and a lack of personalization.  

Modern students are digitally-driven and accustomed to getting answers and information quickly, and most will abandon searches that don’t give them what they need almost immediately. VirtualAdvisor is the personalized solution that gets students the individualized answers they need in seconds. It is the fastest and most comprehensive virtual assistant that will connect your financial aid office to students with: 

  • A highly personalized student experience. 
  • Integration with the SIS at individual institutions to leverage student data. 
  • Microsoft AI-enabled 24/7 access anytime, anywhere. 
  • Bilingual capabilities in 60 languages. 

VirtualAdvisor gives students the flexibility to get the answers they need on their timeline—and in a way that is meaningful to them. By changing the way financial aid offices connect with and advise students, CampusLogic is able to support student financial success and help students complete their higher education goals.

About CampusLogic 

CampusLogic helps schools change lives by delivering the first—and only—student financial success platform that incorporates a net price calculator, complete scholarship management, personalized digital communications, simplified financial aid verification, 24x7 multilingual virtual advising, tuition and scholarship crowdfunding, and integrated data visualizations. Over 500 schools across the country use CampusLogic to provide their students with an easy, mobile, and personalized experience to simplify the financial success journey, resulting in increased enrollment, better informed borrowing, and improved retention. CampusLogic annually hosts EmpowerED, a conference dedicated to providing student financial success professionals with access to industry trends, best practices, and networking opportunities with like-minded colleagues. For more information, visit campuslogic.com

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