[Press Release] CampusLogic’s StudentForms™ Contributes to Enrollment Boost at Jacksonville State

PHOENIX, AZ, APRIL 15, 2020— CampusLogic, higher education’s leading student financial success platform, today announced the continued, measurable success of its StudentForms product at Jacksonville State University. The recent enrollment increase of more than 500 students can be attributed to the financial aid office’s increased focus on enrollment programs, alongside the streamlined, automated StudentForms. 

Allocating a significant amount of a financial aid office’s operating budget to a new technology purchase is a bold move—and it was one of the first things Jessica Wiggins did as Financial Aid Director at Jacksonville State University (JSU). “While I was interviewing for the role, I told them that StudentForms by CampusLogic had changed everything for me at my previous institution, and it would be a priority if I were hired,” she explains.    

In the past, students faced a frustrating, complicated system, and weeks-long verification times. The prior forms management software that was being utilized wasn’t working well, she says. “The forms were five or six pages long and were incredibly overwhelming to our students.” Luckily, Wiggins knew of a better way. She’d used StudentForms in her past role as an Associate Director of Financial Aid at a higher education institute in Georgia. “I saw the difference and the transformation that it made in our verification process,” she explains.   

That convoluted, weeks-long verification nightmare is a thing of the past, she reports. “We’ve gone from weeks to hours.” The proof is in the numbers. In 2018, by the end of April they’d verified just 99 students. At the same time in 2019 they’d done more than 500. Other features that get thumbs-ups from her staff? How easy StudentForms makes professional judgements, logical forms that only show students what they need to answer, and communication tools that automatically keep students up-to-date on processes.   

The bold move Wiggins made paid off in a big way for JSU. Alongside a newly-implemented freshman scholarship structure and significantly expanded admissions efforts, the implementation of StudentForms resulted in record freshman enrollment for the fall semester of 2019. Not since 2012 has the university surpassed 9,000 students, but it’s latest efforts to empower student financial success and enhance the overall experience continue to boost numbers. With an increase of 6.2% in enrollment—or 542 students—JSU continues to deliver its top-tier financial aid experience to growing numbers of students each semester.  

Even better, this complete office overhaul was quick and painless. JSU, which uses Banner®, signed with CampusLogic on February 28. They were live with StudentForms—with full single sign-on and document imaging integration—on March 20. In just the first seven business days, JSU saw 363 student and 83 parent accounts created, and 113 files processed.   

 Simplifying processes doesn’t just make financial aid office life easier. Wiggins sees StudentForms as key to delivering on JSU’s overall strategic plan, which prioritizes a student-centered culture and increased enrollment. Currently, about 40% of JSU enrollees receive Pell, and many are first generation. She’s pleased that something as simple as a software solution is breaking down enrollment barriers.   

“I think that’s what we should strive for as an industry,” she says. “Simplifying processes so low-income, first-generation families don’t feel like financial aid is such a hurdle for them. That should never be the reason someone doesn’t attend an institution.”   

About CampusLogic 

CampusLogic helps schools change lives by delivering the first—and only—student financial success platform that incorporates a net price calculator, complete scholarship management, personalized digital communications, simplified financial aid verification, 24x7 multilingual virtual advising, tuition and scholarship crowdfunding, and integrated data visualizations. Over 500 schools across the country use CampusLogic to provide their students with an easy, mobile, and personalized experience to simplify the financial success journey, resulting in increased enrollment, better informed borrowing, and improved retention. CampusLoic annually hosts EmpowerED, a conference dedicated to providing student financial success professionals with access to industry trends, best practices, and networking opportunities with like-minded colleagues. For more information, visit campuslogic.com

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