[Press Release] CampusLogic to Host 3-Day Virtual Conference for Higher Education Professionals

PHOENIX, AZ, APRIL 13, 2020—CampusLogic, higher education’s leading student financial success platform, today announced its upcoming virtual conference, a three-day event for financial aid and higher education professionals. With four informative sessions per day, presented by a variety of financial aid industry professionals and leaders, CouchCon offers professional development opportunities for those who were planning on attending events that are now canceled or postponed.  

“The situation we are facing now is unprecedented,” commented Gregg Scoresby, CampusLogic CEO. “Our families, schools, businesses, and communities are all being affected by Covid-19 and the subsequent closures that have accompanied the pandemic. CampusLogic remains more committed than ever to our customers and to our mission of helping schools change lives, and because of that, we’re finding new and innovative ways to reach out, stay connected, and ensure everyone is ready to thrive in a virtual environment.” CampusLogic transforms the way higher education delivers student financial success with the only integrated platform that removes financial barriers to improve student access, inform borrowing decisions, and increase student completion in higher education.  

CouchCon sessions will be hosted by financial aid professionals, industry experts and researchers, and CampusLogic team members. This event was given the name “CampusLogic CouchCon” with the anticipation that many will still be working from home over the next several weeks, likely from sofas, dining room tables, or spare bedrooms. Content will be offered over three days, April 27 – 29, and participants may select specific sessions that are of interest. 

“At CampusLogic, our actions are driven by our values, one of which is ‘We have the courage to change the world," commented Scoresby. “While the world may have changed, we still have a singular purpose. We will continue to provide exceptional customer service and build innovative products that help make the college financing process simpler, more transparent, and highly personalized, so that all students have access to the life-changing power of a higher education. " 

You can join colleagues and financial aid professionals at CouchCon by visiting the website. Register now to reserve your spot. The agenda and session descriptions can be viewed on the event page.  

About CampusLogic   

CampusLogic helps schools change lives by delivering the first—and only—student financial success platform that incorporates a net price calculator, complete scholarship management, personalized digital communications, simplified financial aid verification, 24x7 multilingual virtual advising, tuition and scholarship crowdfunding, and integrated data visualizations. Over 500 schools across the country use CampusLogic to provide their students with an easy, mobile, and personalized experience to simplify the financial success journey, resulting in increased enrollment, better informed borrowing, and improved retention. CampusLogic annually hosts EmpowerED, a conference dedicated to providing student financial success professionals with access to industry trends, best practices, and networking opportunities with like-minded colleagues. For more information, visit campuslogic.com.     

Media Contact    

Allison Duquette   

Chief Revenue Officer, CampusLogic    



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