[Media Mention] Carlo Salerno Discusses CampusLogic Data Report with diverseeducation.com

Carlo Salerno, Ph.D., recently spoke with the publishers of diverseeducation.com regarding the impact the financial aid experience has on student decisions throughout their higher education journeys. Salerno, CampusLogic’s VP of Research, worked in conjunction with Gallup to conduct a survey of more than 25,000 U.S. adults who are either credential holders or who have some college but no degree. The survey outlines crucial points throughout the student journey and does a deep dive into aspects of the financial aid process that added stress, affected academic performance, and even impacted decisions about completion. 

In the latest diverseeducation.com article, Salerno reveals key statistics and learnings derived from the recent CampusLogic survey, including the fact that the financial aid process impacted the decision of where to attend college—at least somewhat—for 57% of respondents. Additionally, among those who did not complete their degrees, 72.3% reported that the stressful process of funding their education negatively affected their academic performance. 

“Our hope is that schools and institutional leaders and even state and federal policymakers will look at data like this and use that to prioritize the conversations,” said Salerno. “We should identify the acute stress points and figure out interventions that can help students better finance and alleviate some of the stress and concern.” 

Read the entire article here or access the complete and comprehensive CampusLogic data report, Leveling up for Student Financial Success, here

About the Author

Carlo Salerno, VP of Research

Carlo is the Vice President for Research at CampusLogic. Over an 20-year career, he has done higher education research for the federal government, co-founded an education analytics company, and conducted a wide range of analyses for national advocacy groups and the student lending industry. He writes and speaks frequently on the economics of higher education.

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