Free Skill-Building Courses for You and Your Team

With many people now working at home or on temporary leave from their jobs, you may be wondering what to do with a few extra hours in your day. If you have that time, this is a great opportunity to start working on some professional development of technical and soft skills. Thankfully, there are a ton of free resources to get you started. Here are some courses to consider for you and your team. 

Technical Skills 

PowerPoint – PowerPoint is a quintessential Microsoft Office tool that has many uses. Besides presentations, you can use PowerPoint to design flyers, digital notifications, and more. Anyone who works in an office can benefit from enhancing their skills. 

Excel – Excel is another Microsoft Office program that’s value cannot be understated. The spreadsheet software may seem intimidating at first, but after you get comfortable with it, it is user-friendly. It can be used for budgets, project tracking, scheduling, and is also great for automating math calculations. This course walks through the basics with helpful hints and tips.  

Social media – Social media isn’t going away any time soon. As Gen Z and younger generations grow, social media will just become more of a regular part of life. Is your office posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, regularly to reach your student population? Constant Contact offers classes for each of the major social media networks to get you up to speed on how to use them and the proper content to post on each platform. 

Soft Skills 

Soft skills overview – This class from Rochester Institute of Technology is an overview of many of the most valuable soft skills: Business Communication, Teamwork & Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving, Storytelling in the Workplace, Public Speaking, and Visual Presentation. Don’t let the price tag fool you; you only have to pay for the course if you want a certificate at the end. The classes themselves are free. 

Team culture – Team culture keeps your office a happy and healthy environment to work in. But creating and maintaining a supportive team culture isn't always easy. This course will help you identify the personalities on your team and the best ways to work together. Be sure to check out our blog on workplace culture as well! 

Emotional intelligence – Anyone can benefit from a course on emotional intelligence, but if you are a team leader, it is especially important! Your emotions have a big impact on your team’s outlook, and understanding how your team feels at any given time provides a lot of benefits to your office.   

If you are looking for more development resources, there are many free and low-cost courses on UdemyLinkedIn Learning has a wide variety of classes for a subscription fee, and Alison courses are always 100% free. 

Best wishes, and we hope that you can find a few positives during this time. 



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