From All of Us to All of You: Happy National Financial Aid Day!

October 18, 2017 CampusLogic

It’s the third Wednesday of October—and you know what that means: It’s National Financial Aid Day 2017! Established by the U.S. Congress in 2011, today is when we, “honor the role financial aid professionals across the United States play in helping students realize their dream of attaining a college education.”

Of course, we like to celebrate all you do for students and colleagues each and every day. But today is extra-special—and many of our teammates, all previous financial aid professionals, are offering their own, personal shout-outs for the incredible roles you play.

Celebrating YOU! Thoughts on National Financial Aid Day

“Opportunity,” says CampusLogic Regional Director Daniel Gonzales, a former financial aid administrator. “That’s what National Financial Aid Day celebrates: Opportunity for students to access higher education and opportunity for Financial Aid staff to help change students’ lives. Today gives us an opportunity, too, to celebrate the people in FinAid offices around the country who’ve chosen this profession—and who constantly seek opportunity to grow in their own careers.”

Alicia Davis was once a FinAid administrator, too. The CampusLogic software engineer adds: “Financial Aid professionals make a difference every day! What makes your job so great is that you’re educating students about responsible borrowing—and helping them to keep their futures debt-free. One student at a time, the Financial Aid Office is changing students’ and their families’ lives—through access to higher education. It’s an incredibly noble career.”

“So many kids don’t understand that there is aid out there that they could be receiving when planning for college,” says former FinAid administrator Michael Macias. Now a product manager at CampusLogic, he notes: “It’s easy to sign the first loan document that comes their way and be pushed into debt that follows them throughout their life. But you and your Financial Aid Offices provide the support these students need to help them make better decisions—and plan for their futures.”

Amy Glynn, VP of Financial Aid and Community Initiatives, spent the first part of her career as a director of financial aid. For the past six years, this day has been special for her, she says, noting, “Today, I like to remember all of the amazing things that you do each and every day to support and educate students. Putting all the punitive elements of your job (like compliance, audits, frustrated students) aside a moment, I want to recognize your hard work. You’re there to make the dream of higher education a reality. We’re celebrating the success stories that each Financial Aid Professional is part of.”

From all of us to all of you: #HappyFinAidDay! You make financial aid #awesome every day.

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