Goal Setting: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

November 19, 2018 Chrisy Woll, VP Customer Success

I’m going to do my best to make this blog, short, sweet, and to the point. Why am I feeling like a short, sweet, and to the point blog is needed? Because 2018 is almost gone—hard to believe, right? And like you, I’m doing all I can to accomplish the goals I set out to do this year. 

What’s on my mind right now: Planning out 2019 goals and getting to see everyone at the upcoming FSA Training Conference! 

2019 Goals: Where Do YOU Want to Go?  

Is it really almost 2019? If you haven’t started planning and setting goals for your financial aid and enrollment offices for 2019 (because shared goals #rock!), I would encourage you to check out my blog about creating a discipline of executionThe discipline of setting long and short-term goals is what I believe separates the average from the superstars.  

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there,” said Lewis Carroll. To set effective goals, you need to know where you—your office, your institution, your industry—want to go in 2019. You’ve likely already taken time to think about what’s the most important thing you need to accomplish this coming year. With that in mind, set your goals and think about the dailyweekly, and monthly targets that need to be hit to ensure you accomplish that goal. Most importantlydon’t overcomplicate it. Keep it simple. Less is more when it comes to goal setting.  

Join Us: FSA Customer Appreciation Event 

We’re really looking forward to FSA this year! It’s such a great opportunity to spend time with people who are truly dedicated to making a difference for students and to celebrate all that you do to make financial aid #awesome. If you’re heading to FSA in Atlanta, Georgia, please RSVP for our customer eventHappening Tuesday, Nov. 27, we’re thrilled to report this customer event is bringing together hundreds of student financial services customers from across the nation. Food, beverages, and a few exclusive previews—an awesome new product feature AND the names of some of our featured speakers at EmpowerED—await.  

Short, simple and to the point, just like I promised! Now you go get back to finishing 2018 strong and beginning 2019 with #awesome momentum!  

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Chrisy Woll, VP Customer Success

A veteran in the emerging Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry, Chrisy joined CampusLogic in early 2016 after leading customer success teams at Mozy and Infusionsoft. She holds a master’s degree in Leadership from Grand Canyon University, where she also served as an enrollment advisor. Our Customer Success guru, Chrisy drives strategies that ensure customers get the most value from their investment—and have the personal support they need.

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