Happy National Financial Aid Day 2016!

October 19, 2016 CampusLogic

Financial Aid professionals are superheroes, often unsung. One of our customers once said, “No one dreams of getting into Financial Aid as a career, it just kind of happens.” But others have told us they got into Financial Aid purposefully, choosing the path because they wanted to help students reach their educational dreams.

National Financial Aid Day

Celebrated the third Wednesday of October, National Financial Aid Day is a day to recognize and celebrate the hard work, dedication, and awesomeness of the individuals who help millions of financial aid recipients every year. Just think, in the 14-15 aid year, 20,561,929 students completed the FAFSA.

Financial Aid professionals work day-in, day-out in a career path and an industry that is anything but easy. They are on the frontlines of a difficult industry—one that has seen an astronomical amount of change this year— Gainful Employment reporting, prior-prior-year, early FAFSA, and new cash management requirements—the repercussions of which will be felt in the months to come.

A Message From Amy Glynn, VP of Financial Aid

“National Financial Aid Day provides an ideal opportunity to celebrate the successes financial aid professionals achieve every day, month, and year,” says Amy Glynn, Vice President of Financial Aid and Community at CampusLogic. “All too often we are caught up in the punitive elements of our day—compliance, audit findings, student frustration, and general misunderstandings about financial aid—rather than celebrating the success stories each financial aid professional is part of. Today, let’s remember all of the amazing things that you do each and every day to support and educate students. Let’s remember that calls and emails are very rarely made to the FA office when paperwork is processed quickly, aid is disbursed on time, and refunds are available early. It is for these reasons that you need to take time, not only today but every day, to recognize the hard work and good job that is done by financial aid professionals. We are in the industry to help students, educate them, and make the dream of higher education a reality. I know that my undergraduate degree would not have been completed were it not for the support and assistance of the financial aid staff. To their office, and all aid offices across the country, I say thank you on behalf of all of the students you help and guide each day.”

Staff Shout-Outs

What better way to celebrate this national day set aside to recognize, cheer, shout-from-the-rooftops the awesomeness of financial aid professionals across the United States than to ask their managers to do it? Read on for some lovely words from Ancilla College and Fullerton College.

Ancilla College

“Making federal, state, and college financial aid clear to students swamped with details is tough without good communication,” says Eric Wignall, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Ancilla College. “With fewer than 600 students, financial aid advising is at the core of what our dedicated financial aid team does. Crucial to student success, they deserve the biggest shout out ever for the work the passion and heart they bring to their job every single day.”

Fullerton College

“Working the front line, reconciling student data, working behind the scenes on system enhancements, serving on committees… my staff always pulls together as a team to get the job done,” says Greg Ryan, Director of Financial Aid at Fullerton College. “Loyal, hardworking, able to ‘go with the flow’ in regards to Federal, State, and College changes, they always step up. What can you say about a team that challenges themselves to take on more, and often step outside their comfort zones, other than that they’re amazing?”

Happy National Financial Aid Day!

From all of us at CampusLogic to all of the hard-working, life-changing Financial Aid professionals we have the honor of working with, we wish you a Happy National Financial Aid Day!

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