Hello, Over There! How to Ensure Your Office Culture Thrives from Afar

How important is office culture? How integral are values and the ways team members support those values when it comes to empowering the overall company or institution mission? Recent worldwide events have shown a spotlight on exactly how critical it is to maintain a positive and pervasive culture. At CampusLogic, every team member is an integral part of ensuring the culture doesn’t just survive, but thrives, during this unique time that is affecting so many. It’s working so well that we’re going to share our secrets with you! 

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, says, “If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will just take care of itself.” That places a lot of weight on company culture; in fact, it makes culture the foundation on which everything else is built. At CampusLogic, that has always been the case. A SaaS company built with the mission to help schools change lives, CampusLogic has put culture, the employee experience, and teamwork at the forefront of every decision and interaction. Every employee lives by a set of values that drive the company’s internal relationships—and subsequently roll into our daily interactions with customers. 

Leaning into Values for a Thriving Culture 

CampusLogic’s company values make the good days great. And now, they are guiding every team member as we work together in a changing professional landscape. Employees can look to the company values to keep everything steady—even when there’s a storm to weather. Whether we’re all in the office together or working virtually from our homes, our teams are unified by unwavering values. Here’s how we’re leaning into those values to make sure we thrive—even when we’re not all in the office together: 

We work hard and always give our best. 

Already set up to function both virtually and in-office, CampusLogic teams are versatile and able to work from anywhere. Just like the tools we deliver to schools to meet students where they are—online and via mobile—tools for CampusLogic teams include Slack, Zoom meetings, Microsoft Teams meetings, and cloud document sharing. Every tool is selected to help team members work effectively and give CampusLogic’s very best to our customers. Plus, by using the most modern and up-to-date technology, even if we’re not in the office, we still get to see and talk to each other every day. 

We love our customers and they know it. 

Our customers are always top of mind, and as soon as a situation arises that affects them, CampusLogic gets busy reaching out, asking what they need, and ensuring they are up and running. Internal and external communication immediately zeroes in on issues that matter most to institutions and the students they serve to help them continue to operate on a day-to-day basis. 

We have the courage to change the world. 

It’s no secret that CampusLogic is a recognized leader in the higher education technology sector. But guess what? It also leads the way in making brave decisions and standing by them. Not only is it the first to introduce brand-new concepts to the marketplace to help schools empower student financial success, it is among the first to make critical decisions that benefit employees and customers. By encouraging all employees to work from home when the need arises—and by being prepared to offer this benefit—CampusLogic is ensuring the health and safety of everyone. Talk about maintaining a positive culture! 

We love what we do and fix what’s broken. 

The world has been thrown a curve ball, and while we may not be able to fix that, CampusLogic is prepared to continue delivering top-notch support to our customers and their students. We’re on a mission to help schools change lives, and you’ll find us doing that from our home offices, our kitchen tables, and sometimes even our sofas with a dog on our lap. After all, we love what we do—and we’re not going to stop. 

We keep commitments and always do the right thing. 

Every day is filled with meetings, calls, and product updates—all to ensure CampusLogic can deliver the best experiences that empower student financial success. And nothing has changed the fact that we’re available to our customers whenever they need us. We’re working from home, we’re making sure everyone is safe and healthy, and we’re committed—now more than ever—to delivering the solutions our customers need. 

We are nice and take care of each other. 

When CampusLogic teams started working from home, one of the first things to happen was a boom in communication and outreach. Slack channels were created with tips and tricks on productivity and mental health while working from home. Team members can now find anything from tips on where to find toilet paper to people volunteering to help kids with homework that the parents may not understand. The very first thing CampusLogic team members did was reach out and let everyone know that someone was there. We’re taking care of each other—and that helps us take the very best care of our customers. 

We are strong and have the will to win. 

We ARE strong. Our customers are strong. And we are working together to ensure that students everywhere are able to enjoy financial success as a key component to their overall success. When challenges arise, we find ways to work creatively and collaboratively to get through them. When things get tough, we just get tougher because we all have the will to win. 

Strong Values = Strong Culture 

The CampusLogic values are strong—strong enough to form the foundation of a rapidly-growing, ever-changing company with student financial success on our minds. They’re strong enough to pull employees together, even when we’re apart in physical distance. With a united purpose and common values, CampusLogic employees are pulling out all the stops to share tools, tips, and tricks to stay better connected and support each other. And that’s a culture we’re all proud to be a part of. 

If you are looking for a place to spread culture, values, and love throughout the financial aid community, we suggest joining the Student Financial Success Slack community. There is a COVID-19 channel for pandemic updates and discussion about what colleges can do during this time. 

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