Here’s How Customer Success Magic Happens At CampusLogic

July 24, 2016 Tracy Skochil

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve already met our VP of Customer Success, Chrisy Woll and her amazing Customer Success team. They’re making great strides in building even #awesomer relationships with our customers across the country. And that’s something that all of us at CampusLogic are pretty excited about.

But how does the Customer Success magic actually happen? Here are a few things the team’s working on:

Driving High Customer Success Scores

The team uses a Customer Success Score system to better-connect with customers. Each CampusLogic customer receives a score between 0 and 100. The score increases if the Customer Success Team observes certain benchmarks. They look for things like software usage, student logins, customer responsiveness to communication, and willingness to be a reference, among other things. They set year-end targets for an optimal average Customer Success Score.

Chrisy’s four-member team continually seeks opportunities to engage with a customer, which can lead to improved individual customer scores. They’ll take a look at customers currently scoring lower—30 or 40—and collaborate on ways to strengthen the relationship and improving the customer’s experience. “There is always a purpose behind engaging with a customer,” Chrisy explains. “Our customers are busy, and their time is valuable. We walk a fine line of being helpful and engaged without being overbearing.”

Ensuring Fast, Painless Implementation

Chrisy wants new customers to experience how amazing the CampusLogic platform is, right off the bat. So getting them up and running quickly and efficiently is a big priority. Customer on-boarding and implementation is led by the Customer Success Team, and the process is always being optimized.

“We’re continually refining the implementation process, streamlining and making it more efficient and effective. Our goal is that a school can realize value quickly and to do that they need to be more than up and running—they need to be up and running and empowered to succeed,” Chrisy explains. “They’ve made an investment in us. They’ve trusted us to revolutionize their student and staff experience. We don’t take those things lightly.”

Her team is hyper-focused on ways to make integration go smoothly, and they use customer feedback to better the process. It’s working—the goal is to have customers fully on-boarded within 30 days. They’ve had some new ones up and running in significantly shorter times.

Quick, Relevant Response Times

If customers have questions or concerns, CampusLogic is committed to quickly responding. The current goal is to respond to support requests within two hours. Right now, the Customer Success Team is averaging responses in one hour and 55 minutes. Chrisy wants to see that number reduced even further, she says. “We’re there, but we have to keep working at it.”

The creation of a Customer Success Team buddy system will help. That way, if one of the Customer Success Managers is out of the office or tied up with something, their buddy will watch their support messages, Chrisy explains.

The challenge is when responses are delayed because people are busy. Chrisy believes a collaborative attitude is the solution. “It has to be a team effort,” she says. “It can’t be, ‘Oh, that’s your school. It’s not my problem.’”

Tracking Progress

Chrisy also says it’s important that everyone at the company is aware of how customers and the Customer Success Team are doing. Updated support response time numbers, along with other leading measures, are posted around CampusLogic’s office so everyone can see where they are at, at any time.

“There is huge value in posting numbers and talking about them all the time,” she says, adding that it’s not enough to talk about goal numbers quarterly. It has to be ongoing. “That’s part of the overall culture at CampusLogic. We are inspired, open and unified in our commitment to our customers and our goal of making financial aid more awesome.”

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